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The Egg Retrieval Surgery

The egg-retrieval process for oocyte cryopreservation is the same as that for in vitro fertilization. This includes 2 – 4 weeks of hormone injections and hormonal contraception in order to stop ovulation, followed by more hormone injections to stimulate ovaries and ripen multiple eggs. When the eggs matured, additional hormone is given and the eggs are removed with an ultrasound-guided needle through the vagina. The procedure is conducted under anesthesia.

The word "surgery" might seems scary, but actually egg-retrieval surgery only takes 15 to 20 minutes and it's painless!


The doctor will use ultrasound to observe your ovaries, which will look like a cluster of grape by now. Your doctor will penetrate a thin needle through vaginal wall and gently reach out to one side of ovaries and extract the eggs. After finish one side, the other side will be done as well. These eggs will be collect into test tubes with your name and number on, then will be handed over to the embryologist who is an expert of oocyte cryopreservation. The embryologist will exam and count your eggs.


The anesthesiologist will put you under anesthesia by intravenous injection. This will make you fall asleep through the whole procedure, so you won't feel a thing, you might even have a sweet dream!


When complete the retrieval process, the doctor will exam your vaginal wall. There might be a little bit of bleeding so doctor might apply pressure on the wound site. The nurse will check on you by patting your shoulder and calling your name. You will rest for 60 to 90 minutes in the recovery area, where the nurse will keep on monitor your status. When you wake up from anesthesia, we will teach you how to take care your wound and how to take some medication for precaution.Finally, you can enjoy a nice and free meal at our cafe.

After egg retrieval, you may feel some soreness, bloated or some cramping in abdomen area, which could last few days. We suggest you go straight home by taxi or escort by a friend (or family member) and take the rest of the day off. Just put your work and responsibility aside temporarily and chilling. It's the perfect time for you to fall in love with oppa in Korea drama or to catch up on Netflix series!


Before you leave our center, we will give you a set of account and password of your on-line medical record, where you will have your own "oocytes deposit book". The next day of retrieval, the embryologist will let you know the condition of your eggs and how many mature eggs were ultimately frozen. You can see photos of your oocytes taken by embryologist at your on-line oocytes deposit book anywhere and anytime!

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[Patient Testimonial] A Whole New Start of Journey - Freezing Eggs

Fall of 2014 was the first time that I got Linda’s phone call for consultation about freezing eggs. Linda said she got our information online. She was very careful for the details about the process of freezing eggs. After that, I got her calls often over the following days. I could feel how strong her determination was, and she really did a lot of homework in freezing egg, IVF and PGS. Also, I knew Linda’s story. Her boyfriend was living in the same city, but they did not meet together frequently because of their own careers. For the future, there were too many unpredictable things between each other, and it seemed that this relationship was about to end.

When Linda started her treatment of freezing eggs at Stork fertility center, we not only discussed about the treatment itself, but also talked about her feelings in everyday life. I know how eager she was to get more healthy oocytes, and how brave she was to find the feet in a new single life. Linda would always tell me that she could get a new hope during the process. Single life became not the end, instead, it was a brand new milestone to another journey.

Linda knew that there was a higher potential that chromosome abnormalities of oocytes could occur at her age, so she wanted to do PGS in the future, making sure that she could have a healthy baby. When I met Linda at her third time treatment, she looked so amazing.

“Do I look fit now? I started to do some workouts, and push myself to eat well, sleep well” Linda said to me with a radiant smile.

She told me that she started joining some speed dating events, and it was so fun because she became more confident to meet many kinds of people.

“Is that the magic of egg freezing?” I laughed
“Probably yes! I’m not under that strong stress anymore, and have much more time to find my Mr. Right.” she replied.

A couple months later, good news came. We got the engagement cake from Linda. She makes me believe that a positive attitude can always bring some good things to happen. Eventually, Linda found her soulmate and started her new journey! When Linda and her now husband saw the movie “My Egg Boy”, she found it was just her own experience. Like the main role, they both went through being lovelorn, and felt anxious for the future. Thus, Linda wrote down her story to encourage the women in the same situation, and helped people to understand the importance of freezing eggs.

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The Procedure of Egg Freezing (Overseas)

For the oversea customers, a simplified procedure is here:

Two steps to Taiwan at Stork Fertility Center only

1. Physical examination: 

You could take a simple blood test in your home country and provide reports to your consultants for further consultation of Egg Freezing.

   Ovarian reserve test
  • Blood Test, total four items are recommended
        (1) AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) ** AMH is the most important item of all **
        (2) PRL (Prolactin)
        (3) TSH (Thyroid-stimulating Hormone)
        (4) Testosterone

  • Vaginal Ultrasound, is another option to know your ovarian reserve
Antral Follicle Count (AFC) a transvaginal ultrasound study that measures a woman's ovarian reserve, or her remaining egg supply. The ovarian reserve reflects your fertility potential.

2. Stimulation injection:

You can visit Stork Fertility Center at any time, discuss with doctors about your own individualized controlled ovarian stimulation treatment and just bring the prescription home. 

3. Oocyte retrieval operation:
The next visit Stork Fertility Center will be on cylce day 8 and stay for nearly 7days til the eggs retrieval operation finishes, depending on your IVF protocol.   

For further questions of Egg Freezing, to find your personal agent: "" or book an consultation for yourself.

Wish Every women could fulfill their dream of being a mother one day!

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IVF journey x Eggs Collection

Do you know what eggs collection is?

Say simply, it is collecting good quality oocytes to freeze them. When the number of good oocytes is collected a certain number, starting to thaw these oocytes and then fertilize them.
What kind of situation that women need egg collection?
Let’s me tell you. We all know that ovarian function depends on women’s’ age. As the ages grow, ovarian function begins to decline. Also, the quality of oocytes is gradually getting worse.
Then how do we know our ovarian situation?

There is one important index called Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) which is produced by small growing follicles and granulosa cells in ovary we can refer to. 

Based on this index, we learn that AMH can be represented as the ovarian situation.
As result, on condition that our AMH is low, we have to seize the chance to collect the good quality oocytes while our ages are not too old (under 38 years old).
*If our age is more than 38 years old, that is completely another thing. What We should do is Blastocyst Collection, not egg collection.

Besides AMH, age can also convey the important sign to us. How many mature oocytes are enough for women to have a baby?
There is an index as below:

In view of this index, we should go further to know how to distinguish which oocytes are mature.
At first, we judge the cumulus-oocyte complex initially from I to III. Then by using enzyme to remove the cumulus, we can evaluate oocyte morphology and choose the oocytes which are in stage MII to frozen it.
*Only oocytes which are in stage MII is valuable and can be fertilized.

For whom is under 38 years old, the best way to enhance the pregnancy rate effective is egg collection.
According to these two indexes which is related to individual ovarian function, we will apply the individualized controlled ovarian stimulation (iCOS) to design the fittest protocol for each customer.
Besides the individually tailored treatment, we have the most simple and effective process for a customer who far from overseas.

The first time you come to Taiwan is for filling the relevant document and having a necessary examination such as hysterosalpingogram (HSG), and blood drawn. Subsequently, you would bring the injection and medicine back to your home. However, you don’t need to worry. There is a consultant would teach you how to operate the injection and take medicine.  
When the treatment starts, what you should do is having blood drawn and taking ultrasound on a specific day in your country for checking the development of follicular.
By checking the report with the consultant and doctor, the doctor would decide the date for oocytes retrieval.
The second time you come to Taiwan is for oocytes retrieval and having the rest of examination such as Hysteroscopy(H-scopy) and Cervical Bacteria Culture (3in 1).
For each eggs collection, you only need to come to Taiwan two times.

If you have further question in your mind, please contact us  
for more details or leave a message down below, we are more than willing to answer!

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