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Seek the bliss - a friend from Urumqi, Xinjiang

We finally got pregnant, with not just one but two babies. 

It was the destination of this 4500k-journey, and these were the best souvenirs from Taiwan.

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"Urumqi," is a city completely land-locked in Xinjiang county, China. 

 It was called as Dihua in the past. 

I has known of this place only in the textbook during the junior high school. This city is a long way from Taiwan, and the distance is almost 4500k. 

If you feel very far from the target of having a baby as well, would you choose to cross this distance to take the IVF program in Taiwan just like her?

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She visited us when she was 42, and has married for nearly 20 years. It supposed to be a three- or four- member family, but the truth was that she never got any good news after having ectopic pregnancy twice. As years went by, she was obliged to throw herself to the assisted reproduction for aid. No matter how hard she had tried, including both the IVF and herbal medicines, she could not get pregnant. After four IVF cycles at the most popular fertility centers in mainland China, she still had no ideas about the solution. Even worse, she quickly turned to 40.

One day in a family gathering, she met a cousin, Debby, who married a Taiwanese guy. Debby had the same situation with hers, but she eventually got a baby girl by the assisted reproductive techniques in Taiwan. She was surprised by Debby's experience, but the long distance between Xinjiang and Taiwan discouraged her to take a chance.

Nearly half a year later, she finally made up her mind to visit this far, faraway place. Before this time, she remained skeptical about the differences of IVF performances between Taiwan and mainland China. "The Stork Fertility Center looks like a museum," she said, "but it is not that cold and distant."

When she knew that the AMH value was only 0.27 ng/ml, she shed her tears directly in front of the doctor. The advanced age was not like fine wine, but bitter vinegar. "Is it impossible to be a mother?" she asked. The doctor checked her antral follicle count again, and then encouraged her to take the donation program after analyzing her condition.

She made the decision and received 11 eggs from the donor, and 9 were successfully fertilized, and 6 grew into the blastocyst stage. She also checked the chromosome status by PGS exam, and luckily, all the embryos were normal.

However, the pregnancy test after first transfer was negative. The doctor reviewed her history, and decided to recheck her fallopian tubes. Unsurprisingly, the result of hysterosalpingogram (HSG) showed that her left tube was distally blocked, and thus she needed laparoscopic operation to close the tube (tubal ligation). Then she did the embryo transfer again after recovering from surgery.
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The pregnancy test was positive this time. The detection of fetal heartbeat showed that there were not only one but two babies in her womb. This was a wonderful ending of this 4500k journey to her, from Urumqi to Taiwan. She finally unloaded the heavy burdens, and greet the new life—a life in a four-member family!

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It is popular to donate the eggs during summer vacation

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In Taiwan, the compensation fee for egg donors is NTD 99,000 (USD 3,056). By this considerable compensation fee, some donors were able to join the study-tour, travel abroad, or open their own stores. 

According to the local news, the egg donation became more popular in the young females recently. Due to the network convenience, more and more people got the information of egg donation easily, and the enrollment is to double during the summer vacation. Amy just completed her donation program, and she immediately recommended the program to her twin sister. She believed that the donated eggs could help the infertile couple to have their own babies. In this program, she has not only checked her physical status, especially the ovarian function, but also got more understandings to the IVF.

However, the risk of egg donation must be concerned before starting the program. The ovarian hyperstiumulation syndrome (OHSS) is most common in the young females undergoing the controlled ovarian stimulation (COS). An experienced specialist, a stable system of follow-up care, and a reputable fertility center are prior consideration to donate your eggs. 

How to avoid the ovarian hyperstimulation?

1. Use GnRH anagonist as the trigger, such as Decapetyl

2. Drink lots of water to dilute the hormone in the body (>2000 ml per day)

3. Take more rest and no strenuous exercise

4. Low-salt and high-protein eating plan

5. Contact with the center whenever you feel uncomfortable

6. Follow-up exams at the center (CBC, ultrasound...)

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The secrets of pregnancy

Sperm is the smallest cell in human body, and oocyte is the biggest cell.

length of head=5~6μm
width of head=2.5~3.5μm
length of neck=1.5x of head length
length of tail=45μm
length of sperm cell=55~60μm

diameter of oocyte(includes zona)=150μm
volume of oocyte=180x of sperm

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Give thanks in all circumstances (Egg donation)

adult, beautiful, blurShe is a 3S woman and fortunately met the Mr.Right in her forties. Her appearance is still young and beautiful, but the ovaries is becoming to decline

The 3S women are both intelligent and independent. They bravely pursue for excellent success in their career and professions, but always forget to think about their marriage.-(Single、Seventies [born in the 1970s]、Stuck) 

Photo of People WalkingI married to a Japanese when I was 42 years old. My husband really likes kids and we hope that we could have a baby as soon as possible. But the problem is my age and irregular menses. When the doctor said that my AMH is only 0.16 ng/mL, which is approximate to the value in the menapause period, I started tearing up. Then I went home and tried to calm myself down.

In the next few days, I did so much online works, trying to figure out this problem. I suddenly found that egg donation is the only solution. However, egg donation was illegal in Japan, and thus I turned back to search for this service in my home country, Taiwan. I selected five popular fertility centers in Taiwan and made appointments for all of them. During the long vacation in Japan, I went back to Taiwan to "interview" all the candidates.

Eventually, I was impressed by Stork fertility center and made the decision after discussing with my husband. He came to cryopreserve the semen sample and also was surprised by the museum-like circumstances. He really appreciated that Taiwanese government provides the donation service and expected Japanese government to reconsider this necessity.

We didn't wait our donor for a long time. When I was suffering with my menopausal symptoms, my donor finished her donation program already. We were really grateful to hear that this lovely girl gave us eight embryos with wonderful appearances, frozen in the liquid nitrogen. My thoughtful agent and specialist instructed me step by step, including the exams for fallopian tubes and uterus. We hope that the precious embryo could implant into a cozy environment.

One of the advantages of freezing-embryo was that I could came back to Taiwan when I was totally free from my business. Probably because of the well preparation, I got my positive pregnancy test after the first cryotransfer. In this October, our little baby is coming to join this family, and I am going to celebrate my 44-year birthday as well.

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We are lucky to have our own baby that soon. I strongly encourage those women who have a similar ovarian reserve result with mine to be open-minded to egg donation, and then you would enjoy being a mother soon.

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