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A Whole New Start of Journey - Freezing Eggs

Fall of 2014 was the first time that I got Linda’s phone call for consultation about freezing eggs. Linda said she got our information online. She was very careful for the details about the process of freezing eggs. After that, I got her calls often over the following days. I could feel how strong her determination was, and she really did a lot of homework in freezing egg, IVF and PGS. Also, I knew Linda’s story. Her boyfriend was living in the same city, but they did not meet together frequently because of their own careers. For the future, there were too many unpredictable things between each other, and it seemed that this relationship was about to end.

When Linda started her treatment of freezing eggs at Stork fertility center, we not only discussed about the treatment itself, but also talked about her feelings in everyday life. I know how eager she was to get more healthy oocytes, and how brave she was to find the feet in a new single life. Linda would always tell me that she could get a new hope during the process. Single life became not the end, instead, it was a brand new milestone to another journey.

Linda knew that there was a higher potential that chromosome abnormalities of oocytes could occur at her age, so she wanted to do PGS in the future, making sure that she could have a healthy baby. When I met Linda at her third time treatment, she looked so amazing.

“Do I look fit now? I started to do some workouts, and push myself to eat well, sleep well” Linda said to me with a radiant smile.

She told me that she started joining some speed dating events, and it was so fun because she became more confident to meet many kinds of people.

“Is that the magic of egg freezing?” I laughed
“Probably yes! I’m not under that strong stress anymore, and have much more time to find my Mr. Right.” she replied.

A couple months later, good news came. We got the engagement cake from Linda. She makes me believe that a positive attitude can always bring some good things to happen. Eventually, Linda found her soulmate and started her new journey! When Linda and her now husband saw the movie “My Egg Boy”, she found it was just her own experience. Like the main role, they both went through being lovelorn, and felt anxious for the future. Thus, Linda wrote down her story to encourage the women in the same situation, and helped people to understand the importance of freezing eggs.

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  • 2/15/2018 12:00:00 AM
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