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Marriage Certification requirements for IVF in Taiwan

 For overseas patients, there are some preparation to do before coming to Taiwan for IVF treatments.

For IVF patients using their own sperm and oocytes, please prepare your original copy of marriage certificate as prove to legal marriage.

For IVF patients with donated sperm or oocytes, there is an extra step, as we need to do notarization in Taiwan, we will need your marriage certification authorized first . Here is how it can be done :

A.      Register in non-China country

1.      Find out which T.E.C.O is responsible for your marriage registration place form the following website :
for example, you registered at Sydney, then you will have to do your authorization at T.E.C.O. Sydney, Australia. 


2.      Some T.E.C.O can accept application by mail , some need to be in person, please refer to your local T.E.C.O. You can find the application details under “Consular Division “

3.      Finally you will get a copy in blue cover like this.
Note: The certification is valid for 3 months 

B.      Register in Taiwan

1.      Both of you are Taiwanese: Please bring both husband and wife’s ID. The back ID should have your spouse’s name.
2.      One is Taiwanese and one is foreigner : Taiwanese need to bring ID and the other need to bring passport and ID of his/her country. Also, it would be best if your brought the household certificate with your marriage registration.

C.      Register in China

Bring marriage certification to the local notary office in China. Sent the original document to us and ask notary office to send the duplicate one to the S.E.F (Strait Exchange Foundation of Taiwan). Then, we will help to complete the SEF verification.

Note :the SEF verification is valid for 3 months.  

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