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Sperm Donation Program

Sperm Donation Program

Some males might suffer from infertility due to some diseases such as congenital chromosomal abnormalities and endocrine system abnormalities. Or testicular dysfunction, varicocele, sperm transportation dysfunction. etc. Or due to living habits, working environment, physical and mental illnesses and other factors such as drugs, radiation and sexual transmitted diseases, etc.
For these reasons, couples might need to borrow sperm form others to achieve their dream of having a complete family. 
Stork Fertility Centre has our own Sperm Bank, donors went through strict examinations and health assessments. As we have our bank, the waiting time for a suitable donor will be reduced to around 1 month after handing in all the required paper works. 

· What health assessment did the donor have?
the donor will go through assessment including infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS; Tests for genetic diseases such as thalassemia (complete blood count, CBC) and spinal muscular atrophy (genetic testing), karyotype testing, and Fragile X gene screening, etc. 

· Is it good to use thawed sperm? 
The donor's sperm preserve by the slow freezing method mixed with the cryoprotectant and gradually cooled down to -196 C. The survival rate after thawing is about 30-50%.
Preservation of sperm in extremely low-temperature liquid nitrogen equals freezing time, and storage for more than ten years is not a problem.

· How many times can we use the sperm?
It depends on what treatments you are undergoing. 
In Vitro Fertilization: approximately 3-4 times using Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, ICSI
Intrauterine insemination: approximately 1-2 times

· Can we see donor's photos?
No. Medical care institutions shall provide information concerning the donor's ethnicity, skin color, and blood type for the reference of the recipient couple only. We can not revive personal information about the donor due to the law restriction. 

· Can I choose a specific donor? 
According to Taiwan's Assisted Reproduction Act, "A medical care institution performing assisted reproduction shall not use a specific donor’s reproductive cells as requested by the recipient couple; a medical care institution shall not use donated reproductive cells for a specific recipient couple as requested by the donor.

· Do you have caucasian donors? 
No, all our donors are Taiwanese(Asian). 

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[Patient Testimonial] Egg Donation from Taiwan, Happiness for us.

Actually, in Japanese culture, it was considered as marrying at a late age. During that time, My husband and I both have agreed that we didn't want to have kids. But, But, I regret that thought and would like to have our own kids when I was 40 years old.  I took (spent) a year and a half to convince my husband. However, doctor told me it was too late to have kids when I visited infertility center because I was almost in Menopause. After doing some research, we could not believe that the infertility treatment in Japan is not as open-minded as other countries. Fortunately, we saw a word, Egg Donation, somewhere and it brought us a hope. It was a new concept for me. At the same time, we doubt it and thought how could I get pregnant with others’ egg? Could it happen?

In fact, Egg Donation is legal in many countries, such as in the United States, Thailand, and Korea. After searching more information and getting more understanding about the treatment, I found the procedure for processing the treatment is convenient in Taiwan and the price is reasonable as well. In addition,  I trust the medical technology in Taiwan, so I finally chose Stork Fertility Center which has good performance showing on the data of statistic and great reviews of the health check of donors. Due to these results, it's really trustworthy. Besides, they have patients not only from Japan, but also from all over the world. Which means Stork Fertility Center was full of experiences of communicating with patients from other patients.

Moreover, although the staffs of Stork aren't Japanese, they still help us a lot, including processing all the paperwork and answering our questions. They are always  there for us. We really appreciate it. My husband didn't want to have kid  in the beginning, and he took the opposition against me. I knew that was all because male was lack of knowledge for aged women in fertility. However, my husband’s attitude had changed after we met the Dr. Lai who provided all the information and educated us what the egg donation is with patience.  Additionally, the atmosphere of the center made me feel comfortable and confidence to have my treatment at Stork Fertility Center).
Actually, I had a concern that bothered me was my baby won't have my DNA. But, this thought had been removed after I experienced all the process of pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care of my baby. I don’t regret I made this decision because our new family member makes our life much better and happier.

To people who are considering the "egg donation", I believe in once you and your spouse could overcome this worry if two of you could face the problem together. Even though the procedure might be a challenge, it will pass and then the hope and happiness will come to your life.

Stork Fertility Center Stork Fertility Center Author