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ありがとう! Oocyte donation program helps me to have my baby.

I came to Taiwan with anxiety and stress caused by both the expectations and worries. There are language and cultural barriers between Taiwan and Japan. However, I brought my baby to cross the national boundaries, and finally took her home.

I am 44 years old, and has received infertility treatment for almost 10 years. In this year, no available oocytes could be retrieved after the ovarian stimulation. It seemed that this is the end to the journey. My Japanese doctor suggested me taking the oocyte-recipient program in Taiwan, which has not been legitimated officially in Japan. My husband rejected this suggestion in the very beginning, but I would like to take any chance to have our own babies. Finally, we came to the Stork Fertility Center in Hsinchu.

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Spending NTD 500,000 (~USD 16,666) on IVF, I got a baby with Down syndrome

Ms. Chen, a 43-year-old woman, has spent NTD 500,000 (~USD 16,666) on the assisted reproductive treatments. She got married late, and finally got pregnant after several IVF cycles. However, the report of amniocentesis displayed abnormal in the 16th weeks of gestation. The baby has chromosome 21 trisomy, which has known as Down syndrome. Ms. Chen and her husband was very disappointed at the clinic suite, and repeatedly asked to the doctor " Is it real? Could it be any mistake in the report?"

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