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Established in 2000, Stork Fertility Center is a leading center dedicated to providing patients with personal &  precision IVF (PP-IVF) solution.
Our centers in Taipei and Hsinchu offer the most advanced techniques in IVF enhancing pregnancy rate to 80%, including IMSI, PGS, PGD and ERA. With Asia's largest egg bank, a database of 300 egg donors, we've achieved more than 10,000 successful cases with 90% of thawing survival rate.

    Our holistic services and treatments are delivered by a team of approximately 300 experienced professionals. We strive to make all effort to ensure you a smooth fertility journey.

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Stork Fertility Center Stork Fertility Center Author

Story from Japan- happiness came because of egg donation

I got married when I was 35 years old. Although it was a bit late, I have always felt confident and lived a healthy life without thinking too much. However, in the third year of my marriage, I had the symptoms that may be menopause. After doing the blood tests in the hospital, it was found that the value of my ovarian function (AMH) was too low, and it was diagnosed as premature ovarian failure. After the doctor's explanation, I couldn't accept the conclusion at all, so I went to another hospital for examination. Unfortunately, I got the same explanation. The doctor said: "According to your current situation, it is difficult to have children. If you don’t want to give up in any case, you can consider finding an egg donor from overseas to have children." ”It must be something wrong?!" I thought. Then in the next 3 following years, I was treated for infertility between different hospitals.

At the beginning, a few eggs could be retrieved, but most of them could not be fertilized. Then gradually no more eggs could be retrieved. Despite this situation, I realized that if I had given up at this point, I would definitely have no chance to have a baby in my life. Therefore, even if I knew it was nearly hopeless, I just couldn't stop walking toward the hospital. One day, the doctor said to me, "I can no longer do anything for you." After being told like this, I could not stop crying everyday.

At that time, when I was outside, I couldn't take my eyes off those families with children. When I was at home, I felt a lot of pain even if I just heard the crying of babies or saw advertisements with parents and children on TV. I did not know how to live through such hard days. I believe there are many people who can live very well and meaningfully without children. Maybe everyone’s desireness to have children is at different degrees, and I am one of those who desperately want children.

In fact, I also had tried to imagine what if I had no choice but to live a life without children. Maybe it was a good idea to travel overseas frequently, do whatever I want, or buy a luxury car, etc. However, deep in my mind, I understand that these are none of what I really want. No matter how hard I try to imagine life without children, my mind just went blank.

Some people said, "If you want a child so much, you can adopt it." But what I want is me and my husband's child, or at least my husband's child, so that my husband can become a father. Finding an egg donor had been in my mind since the first time I heard about it. “If I give birth myself, there must be some kind of connection between me and the child.”I think.

Later, in order to persuade me and my husband’s parents, I explained to them that I wanted to do egg donor-recipient treatment. "Is it necessary to do this? Why do you want a baby so much?" I was opposed and asked to explain why. Frankly speaking, even myself did not know why I wanted children so much, and I still couldn’t explain it. I have told myself several times, "It is enough to try so far, give it up! Just accept life without children!" I also have tried hard to practice it, but it still hasn't worked. In fact, I really hoped someone could tell me how to give up. If I gave up, would I be free from pain? Would I be able to find a different goal in my life?

Finally, after negotiation for many times, now me and my husband’s parents feel joyful to have grandchildren.

I have been really happy since I knew that I was pregnant. I can now face the scene of a family with children peacefully. Before pregnancy, it was suffering. I have no regrets about being an egg recipient! Rather, if I had made up my mind earlier, I thought it could be more leeway in terms of age and money. Looking at the cute face of the child every day, I am grateful. Thank you so much, my baby, for coming to our home! I, your mom, will make you happy! Although I am very busy every day, I still feel very happy. Thank you very much for realizing my dream that had been unreachable.

What will happen to my relationship with my child when he learns the whole story? Honestly speaking, I was worried about it and read a lot of critical opinions on the internet. It may be painful to my child, however, I can only keep on living like this and do my best to make my child happy. I won’t stop telling how much I love him even if I am resented and blamed. 

I believe couples who are now undergoing infertility treatment feel anxious and pain. Each couple’s desire for a child and their motivation are at a different degree. Maybe some people regret being egg recipients, but I think it is enough to make a decision after careful consideration. At the very beginning, considering my feelings, my husband told me, "It doesn't matter if we don't have any child." But now he is a father who loves his child and shows off everywhere, even makes people embarrassed and surprised. It turns out that a person can change that much. I thought he must have wanted to have a child very much.

Egg donation saved my life.

The pre-implantation screening (PGS/PGT-A) also makes me relieved.The donor was very young, but I still worried about the quality of the sperm since my husband was not young anymore. My husband and I have suffered from infertility for a very long time, so we decided if I got pregnant, I would give birth to the child despite any abnormalities. However, if we could choose an embryo with normal chromosomes for implantation, it would be more reassuring. If I was always worried about the fetus' health, it must not be good for the fetus. We had three embryos chromosomes tested, and one of them was found to be abnormal. It was a correct decision to do the PGS test.

I am grateful to the egg donor, the doctors and all the staff of Stork Fertility Center. Stork Fertility Center gave me this precious baby, let my husband become a father and let me become a mother who gives birth and raises children. I really appreciate it.

    No matter what painful things happen in the future, it will be nothing compared to life without children. I will definitely treasure my child and raise him preciously. I promise to do my best to make him happy.

    Really appreciated.

Stork Fertility Center Stork Fertility Center Author

Never give up! Egg donation helps reaching happiness

Good blastocysts are far more precious than diamonds! If you wanna continue to collect good eggs to form good blastocysts, it will take longer. After all, the older you get, the condition of the eggs will only get worse...

I was almost 40 years old. I had not conceived after I got married for nearly a year, so I go for examinations in Taipei with my husband. In the beginning, check sperm motility, normal blood, and unobstructed fallopian tubes. When the report came out, the doctor said that the fallopian tube was not seen because the white polyps were so widespread that it could not be seen, and it was suspected that the fallopian tube was blocked. So after the fallopian tube was removed, he arranged for the fallopian tube to check up again to confirm that was unobstructed.

I went to see the doctor again the next year and told the doctor that I would like to do IVF. The doctor said that I am 40 years old and do not have a lot of ovulation. The success rate of artificial conception is 10-20%, and the success rate of IVF is 30-40%. Check the position and size of the uterus, and do smear and blood tests. Then followed my period to make an appointment for an ultrasound. At that moment, there are only 4-6 follicles. The doctor suggested us to try sexual intercourse ourselves.

After the second ultrasound, the doctor performed a per vaginal examination. The path of the uterus was too small for a tube to be inserted, and cervical dilation was arranged. It took more than 7 months to get the uterine environment in good condition and start the road of IVF.

After two consecutive test tube failures, I felt very depressed. Perhaps my body has not yet adapted to such treatment! So I decided to start taking Chinese herbal medicine to regulate my body every other year. After a one-year break, I started to discuss with my husband which hospital to go to. At first, I found another Taipei obstetrics and gynecology department to test the AMH at 2.06 and the prolactin at 38. The doctor prescribed medicine for PRL to me. Because there are so many people waiting for consultation in the obstetrics and gynecology department, it took almost half a day. A friend recommended us to make an appointment to go to Hsinchu Stork for consultation.

I perform the ultrasound of the uterus on the third day of my period. There are 3 follicles on the right and 4 follicles on the left. The doctor explained that ovulation medicine should be taken in a mild stimulating way and combined with the injection, so I started recording every day, being afraid of missing any step. In the next visit, the doctor said that the follicle should be larger than 1.4, and the egg retrieval time of women over 40 years old will be earlier. The ultrasound found out polyps then, so Hysteroscopy must be done one month before implantation. The uterine environment is important for a baby's growth.

There are 2 eggs on the first time operation. The blastocysts cultivated to the fifth day are 5BB and 5BC. They are frozen first, and then PGS will be performed after more blastocysts are collected.

Ultrasound was taken on the second day after the second menstruation. There are 3 follicles on the right, 4 follicles on the left, 3 egg retrievals (not for the smaller ones), and only 1 blastocyst on the fifth or sixth day, graded 5BB.
In the third ultrasound scan, there were 3 eggs, and only 2 of the eggs were collected this time without anesthesia. Both were mature and fertilized but failed to form a blastocyst.

Collect follicles as usual for the fourth time. According to the ultrasound results, there are 5 on the right and 3 on the left. The doctor said that we can try long-acting ovulation this time. After another five days, there were 3 ultrasounds on the right and 1 on the left. Only 3 of these 4 were blastocysts, grades 5BB, 5BB, and 5BC. The doctor advised me to take a one-month rest, so I arranged a holiday with my husband to Hualien.

Retrieve 8 eggs for the fifth time. There are 6 mature eggs, and 4 are fertilized eggs. After five days, only 1 is a blastocyst with a grade of 5BC. In order to ensure that the chromosomes are normal, PGS test was performed on 7 blastocysts collected five times. It was reported that 1 had no signal, 1 was successful, and the rest of the chromosomes were abnormal. It turned out that my egg was so weak, and it was very tight in the previous knockouts. Now the only normal blastocyst is a battle between 100% pregnancy and hopelessness.

From the first four days of menstruation, take estrogen, aspirin, lactation reduction and progesterone every day as instructed. After implantation, rest at home to prevent work pressure from affecting the mood of pregnancy. Two days before the pregnancy test, I received cordial greetings and concerns from the doctor. Is it bloating? High body temperature? Have something you really want to eat? These problems, for me who have never been pregnant, I don’t know what it feels like to be pregnant. I don’t have the symptoms that the doctor said. Of course, this implantation was declared unsuccessful on the night of the release.

After resting for one month and waiting for the implantation of a blastocyst with no signal in the next month, the hysteroscopy was performed. Fortunately, only a small amount of polyps did not affect the implantation, and no surgery was required. Unfortunately, the second implantation failed.
Good blastocysts are far more precious than diamonds! If you continue to collect good eggs to become good blastocysts, it will take longer. After all, the older you get, the condition of the eggs will only get worse. So my husband and I discussed whether we should accept eggs donation to realize our dreams? Implanting young and healthy eggs and conceiving smoothly may be a shortcut. 

In the spring of the following year, I found that my fingers were a little stiff. After I went to the hospital for blood tests, the ANA antinuclear antibody was 1:160. I took the report to the doctor. The doctor suggested seeing the rheumatoid department. After another blood test, the doctor said that ANA and ENA were abnormal. Others were at a critical value and no medication was required. However, for the purpose of pregnancy, treatment is required. The course of egg donation which with 6 blastocysts was delayed a few times. 

The so-called good things are hard to come by, the treatment that was originally expected to be done, however, the uterus was suspected of the myoma when the ultrasound was taken on the 12th day of the period. Therefore, it is necessary to do the uterine environment examination and perform fallopian tube photography, bacterial culture, polyps removal surgery. Waiting for the next menstruation.
The last bacterial culture report revealed that E. coli grows in the cervix. It is necessary to take antibiotics and then undergo two consecutive implants. After implantation, the doctor prescribed the medicines and injections, plus rheumatoid medication, it fails again.

I have not been able to conceive under the comprehensive supervision of the doctor. The doctor suggested that I should stop for a while and do aerobic exercises, exercise 3 times a week, exercise for 30 minutes each time, and keep my heart rate at 130 beats to keep my body active. So the next year I started planning to ride a bicycle with my husband on holidays, sign up for yoga classes, and walk after getting off work, so I have maintained exercise habits for most of the year.  

The body seems to be in good condition, I feel that I could start the treatment again, so I went to the clinic nine months later.

After the implantation, I was resting at home. From the seventh day on, I felt that the urine was brown, lower abdominal pain, insomnia, and other symptoms. Until the urine test, the doctor announced the second line and congratulated the pregnancy. I could not believe it was true! 
The amniocentesis, high-level ultrasound, and obstetrics all done each. However, when the high-level ultrasound was taken, it was found that the amniotic fluid was leaking. So I went to the hospital to check and confirm the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid was supplemented twice. The fetus was taken out by emergency cesarean section. Seeing the baby's loud cry and healthy appearance is the miracle I have dreamed of in the past few years!

The process of trying being pregnant is very difficult and the time is very long. It took me five years to do seven times IVF. At one time, I want to give up, but as long as the belief is strong enough, the dream of having a child will be realized! The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. Thank you doctors and the Stork team for working with us for three years, and let us have a lovely baby.
Stork Fertility Center Stork Fertility Center Author

A birthday gift giving back to the future!

A Birthday gift giving back to the future!

"I make that as a birthday gift to myself. Thanks to the advanced modern medical technology, I can freeze my fertility at this age and have a hold of my future."

I did not plan to have any children at first. I enjoy the time with myself and my freedom. That was me a few years ago. But people change, especially when you are at your most vulnerable moment when you are sick. Someone in the family got sick, everyone in the family is called up to help. That's when I realized you can never have enough family members. 

This is the moment when my thought of freezing my eggs appears. Your child is not necessarily staying with you the whole life. But it is always nice knowing that you have a family that cares about you. Raising a child is not an easy task in 2020, as well as having pets or keeping myself warm. 

The thought planted in my head for so long, it finally sprouted. I turned 39 this year, is the same age that my mother gave birth to me. Time is flying. I realize that I have to take some action! I studied a lot online and found Stork Fertility Center's website. They have detailed blog posts and graphics at a glance. Suddenly I apprehend that the quality of your eggs is tile with your age.  

When I realized that I am competing with time, I started doing research comparing different hospitals and fertility centers. I finally chose Stork Fertility Center. They specialize in infertility and fertility preservation. Their treatment plan aimed at achieving "4- F". Fewer blood tests, fewer ultrasound exams, fewer injections, fewer clinic visits. That's a big attraction for me as I can not get away from work that often.

I make that as a birthday gift to myself. Thanks to the advanced modern medical technology, I can freeze my fertility at this age and have a hold of my future. Some might say that you might never use those eggs. Why bother to spend all that money on that? I think egg freezing is like time traveling. When you are planning for a family maybe five years later, you will be thankful that you made the right decision. Time is irreversible, no matter how much money you own. A word before is worth two behind.

Stork Fertility Center's team is very professional and helpful throughout the treatment. They helped me to arrange the time so that I won't have to take so many off from work. In the end, I only take one day off for surgery day. The blood tests, ultrasound, and clinic visits were all arranged at mine non-working hours. They have their application. It shows your itinerary daily by just one click on your phone. And the surgery took only 10-15 minutes. The operation room's ambiance is warming, not like any other hospital. You feel comfier with the cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. 

Egg freezing is like insurance. You will feel safer after having one. This is probably the most meaningful birthday gift that I ever had. 

Note : 

1. Stork Fertility Center offers "4-F" treatment. Fewer blood tests, fewer ultrasound exams, fewer injections, and fewer clinic visits. The treatment is done with a minimum of two clinic visits. Just like our case above, taking only one day off from work! Before anyone knows, you already finished the treatment!  

2. The case froze ten mature eggs at her first treatment. 

Doctors suggest that the number of frozen mature eggs in each age group is different. It is related to age. With higher age, comes with a higher chromosome abnormal rate. Egg freeze treatment is suggested before age 35. The pregnancy rate and live-birth rate are relatively better. 

3.The recommended number of mature eggs for cryopreservation for bringing a baby home at different ages is as follows:


35 or below




Number of mature eggs





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