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IVF journey x Eggs Collection

Do you know what eggs collection is?

Say simply, it is collecting good quality oocytes to freeze them. When the number of good oocytes is collected a certain number, starting to thaw these oocytes and then fertilize them.
What kind of situation that women need egg collection?
Let’s me tell you. We all know that ovarian function depends on women’s’ age. As the ages grow, ovarian function begins to decline. Also, the quality of oocytes is gradually getting worse.
Then how do we know our ovarian situation?

There is one important index called Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) which is produced by small growing follicles and granulosa cells in ovary we can refer to. 

Based on this index, we learn that AMH can be represented as the ovarian situation.
As result, on condition that our AMH is low, we have to seize the chance to collect the good quality oocytes while our ages are not too old (under 38 years old).
*If our age is more than 38 years old, that is completely another thing. What We should do is Blastocyst Collection, not egg collection.

Besides AMH, age can also convey the important sign to us. How many mature oocytes are enough for women to have a baby?
There is an index as below:

In view of this index, we should go further to know how to distinguish which oocytes are mature.
At first, we judge the cumulus-oocyte complex initially from I to III. Then by using enzyme to remove the cumulus, we can evaluate oocyte morphology and choose the oocytes which are in stage MII to frozen it.
*Only oocytes which are in stage MII is valuable and can be fertilized.

For whom is under 38 years old, the best way to enhance the pregnancy rate effective is egg collection.
According to these two indexes which is related to individual ovarian function, we will apply the individualized controlled ovarian stimulation (iCOS) to design the fittest protocol for each customer.
Besides the individually tailored treatment, we have the most simple and effective process for a customer who far from overseas.

The first time you come to Taiwan is for filling the relevant document and having a necessary examination such as hysterosalpingogram (HSG), and blood drawn. Subsequently, you would bring the injection and medicine back to your home. However, you don’t need to worry. There is a consultant would teach you how to operate the injection and take medicine.  
When the treatment starts, what you should do is having blood drawn and taking ultrasound on a specific day in your country for checking the development of follicular.
By checking the report with the consultant and doctor, the doctor would decide the date for oocytes retrieval.
The second time you come to Taiwan is for oocytes retrieval and having the rest of examination such as Hysteroscopy(H-scopy) and Cervical Bacteria Culture (3in 1).
For each eggs collection, you only need to come to Taiwan two times.

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