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Double stimulation (Duo-OPU)

 —  Continuous stimulation and oocyte retrieval during both the follicular and luteal phases of poor responders in IVF/ICSI programs can increase the obtained oocytes per menstrual cycle

Since the patients with diminished ovarian reserve could spend lots of time, energy, and money, on the multiple IVF treatments, the idea of double stimulation in a single cycle was developed. The following study is to compare the IVF outcomes obtained after single-stimulation (follicular phase stimulation) versus duoble stimulation (during both the follicular and luteal phases) in poor responders in IVF/ICSI programs.

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Stork Fertility Center in Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Canada

During May 1st to 3rd in 2017, Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Canada (TCCCA) hold "2017 Taiwan Medical Services Orientation" in couple of places in Canada, introducing more facets of Taiwan medical techniques to the local expatriates whose original language are Chinese. The Taiwanese representatives were from aesthetic or cosmetic medical center, dental department, health evaluation center, ophthalmology department, and fertility center. Stork Fertility Center was the only delegate of infertility, showing the patient-friendly program designadvanced assisted reproductive techniques and competitive prices to the people in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Raymond Chen, the project manager of the overseas service department at Stork Fertility Center, displayed "four clouds in IVF" to the audiences, 

1st Cloud: Oocyte and Sperm Bank:

-- The leading bank in Asia, which covers all the blood type:A/B/O/AB

-- Approximately 70% of pregnancy rate

-- Sufficient oocyte/sperm supply and top oocyte/sperm quality 

2nd Cloud: International Medical Services:

-- Personal consultant

-- Agency services for the official required documents

-- Transportation and Hospitality

-- Instant Interpretation

3rd Cloud: Reproductive genetic exams

-- Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) 

-- Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

-- Carrier genetic test (CGT)

-- Endometrial receptivity assay (ERA) 

4th Cloud: Social oocyte freezing 

-- Individualized COS treatment

-- Contract protection

-- Fertility insurance

We are walking out of Taiwan to find whom needs us.

Stork Fertility Center Stork Fertility Center Author