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The Key for Implantation - Endometrium Thickness

The Key for Implantation - Endometrium Thickness 

Stork Fertility Center
Dr. Lee

In IVF, we’ve been discussing the ideal thickness of endometrium for implantation.

Besides, is the criteria the same for both fresh blastocysts and frozen-thaw blastocysts implantation? Will it be the same? We did not have many studies on the above issue.

This September(2018), Human Reproduction, a research team from Canada, using the database of local IVF treatment, analyzed over 40 thousand implantation cycles of both fresh blastocysts transfer(BT) and frozen-thaw blastocysts transfer (FBT).

A result had been found: Clinical pregnancy and live birth rates decline as the endometrial thickness decreases below 8 mm in BT and below 7 mm in FBT cycles.

As shown in the study,in the BT cycle, the pregnancy rate for endometrium thickness ≥8mm is 43.2%, the abortion rate is 22%, the live birth rate is 33.7%. Comparing to the statistics of thickness.

In FBT, the pregnancy rate of endometrium thickness≥7mm is 38.3%~38.4%, the abortion rate is 26~28.4%, the live birth rate is 27.4~28.4%. Comparing to the statistics of thickness.

To conclude, the indicator of endometrium thickness for implantation are as following: 

Fresh blastocysts transfer: ≥8mm

Frozen-thaw blastocysts transfer: ≥7mm

With a good uterus environment, comes with a better clinical outcome. Good things are worth waiting for.   


Hum Reprod. 2018 Sep 17. The impact of a thin endometrial lining on fresh and frozen-thaw IVF outcomes: ananalysis of over 40 000 embryo transfers. Liu KE, Hartman M, Hartman A, Luo ZC, Mahutte N.

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[Patient Testimonial] Egg Donation, give my kid back

We lost our daughter on the day before Christmas Eve and could not fall asleep in the following 7 days . One Day, at 2 AM, I bought a magazine at 7-11, went to McDonalds and then ordered a cup of coffee. That was a quiet early morning; nobody was on the street. It made me felt like I was the only person in the world. After two weeks, my husband and I went back to work, because we shouldn’t stay at home and keep thinking about our baby daughter. Both of us are over 40 years old. Our Families, friends and doctors all told us " May her rest in peace, both of you need to let it go and move on." We try to make a new life, we scheduled to travel or be volunteers. One year passed, both of us still felt upset. So we made a decision: to make a IVF baby. In the  following two years, we had done IVF for 3 times. However, all of them were failed. because the reasons might be our eggs were fewer quantities, poor quality, no fertilization and abnormal development. As a result, our doctor told us no oocytes that they found via Ultrasonic and even told us to give up. That day I cried a lot, and told my closed friend. She mentioned about "egg donation". I did hear it before, but didn't understand it at all. However, I kept these words “egg donation” in my mind.

After that, I started searching the information of egg donation. I was so surprised that many moms from Hong-Kong wrote lots of articles about it. In additional, there were many cases from Taiwan and Thailand. Some of articles did provide detailed information. Due to familiar with IVF treatment, it was easy for me to tell the reality of these articles. I was impressed by an article from Stork Fertility Center. That's why I searched the website of Stork Fertility Center, read about their background, service, doctors, cases and the Taiwan Artificial Reproduction Act. After one year consideration, we flew to Taiwan, and began our journey to Stork Fertility Center. The equipments of center were much better than my expectation. In  the beginning, we only wanted to look around the center and doctors and compare to another center. However, after I met Dr. Lai, I could easily understand his professional suggestions. Therefore we decided to process egg donation program with Stork Fertility Center.

The doctor in Hong-Kong wouldn’t like to answer our question and not easily close. Compare to previous experience, Stork Fertility Center has much greater service. The center arranged a personal consultant for us to begin with. She assisted with every process from meeting with doctor, completing all the files, physical examination, Hysterosalpingogram to sperm pick up, she accompanied with us during whole procedure. Besides, the center provided some snacks and lunch. We completed all the processes within a few hours with their amazing teamwork and their professional services. When we reviewed my report, it showed one of my fallopian tube was blocked that was the issue never been brought out before. Therefore, Dr. Lai gave me the treatment for my fallopian tube and then we went back to Hong-Kong and waited for the report of matching and GPS. One week later, we received the report of Hematology test which showed my ANA, ANTI-TPO, and ATA index were higher than normal. I took doctor’s advice and went to see Immunology Doctor. I had been diagnosed with Xeroderma which was one kind of Autoimmune disease by two times of blood test and Nuclear Medicine Salivary Gland Scan. In order to prevent the antibody effect embryo, it was necessary to take medication.

Four month later, I got the news from Stork Fertility Center. We matched a egg donor who provided 17 eggs. after insemination, we had 7 blastocyst. Also we chose to pick 5 to process PGS, we had 3 normal blastocyst. 8 months later after we meet Dr. Lai, we went back to Stork Fertility Center for transferring a normal blastocyst. Dr. Lai smiled and told me " blastocyst looked so beautiful, and endometrial thickness is good with perfect transfer spot." We had less stress than before, and then we went back to Hong-Kong waiting for result. I had strong feeling and confidence of believing in this time would be successful  . I went to Laboratory for blood check, and it's true. I was pregnant.

Because I was with advanced maternal age, so my pregnant period was not quit easy. I had Gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes mellitus, and Sjögren syndrome. Every issue might affect my baby. I still felt so happy to see my baby every month from monthly prenatal exam. As long as I know that she was healthily grow up in my belly, I felt good. Of course I took care my body very carefully. Finally, I gave birth with caesarean section at 37 weeks and got a 5.5 pounds baby girl.

Today, my baby daughter is 7-month-old, the weight is 17 pounds. She is very charming, she is our sunshine. People say she looks like her father who has beautiful eyes. My husband told  me my baby daughter's personality is like me. Of course, she is my daughter! Now, I won't feel lonely anymore, instead I usually tell my daughter" mom needs to do something, so please play by yourself, okay?" "God never shuts one door without opening another." Our past experience was our testimony. Today, we appreciate that Reproductive medicine could bring people hope. And we really feel happiness, and give us chance to hold our daughter’s hands.

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