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Stork Fertility Center Environment Introduction

Stork Fertility Center-Tree of Life, located at Zhongxiao Rd., Hsinchu City, is designed by Philippines' architect Francis Yeh. As the element “Tree of life” appears in every space of the building, it perfectly deliver that our duty is to create life.

The building is inspired by women’s uterus. It is probably the biggest “man-made uterus” on earth. The pools besides both sides of the entrance with floating round lamps represent the follicles and ovaries. Walking into the lobby, it represents uterus. The surrounding feeling is very warn and makes you feel that you're embraced. And there are sperm-shaped sculptures hanging on the high ceiling. Within 10,000 square  meters of space, you can find various artworks in every corner. You can feel the painstaking effort of artists and the fusion of technology and humanity. And the most touching thing is, real lives are culturing in this beautiful building.

Welcoming Lobby

Walking into the lobby which represents the uterus, it is a bright place. Light and shadow changes. There's no wall that will block your sight. With fair-faced concrete wall and gray-white-staggered ground brick, the lobby gives us a peaceful and graceful feeling.

On the right side of the lobby, the trunk of life of tree stands still and works in concert with the metal leaf outside the building. It reaches out to the whole building. Bringing hope and vitality to people. If the lobby is uterus, the water curtain before  center patio represents the blood flow in uterus. The sperm-shaped sculptures hanging above the counter are swimming toward the red life gate, ready to enter the fallopian and fertilize the oocytes and begin a new life.

The Hall of Joy

This hall is planned for the happy family which already fulfilled their dream with Stork Fertility Center. They can bring their baby back to Stork Fertility Center for birthday party and share their joyfulness with us. 

The high ceiling and semi-open space design makes it a bright and spacious. When there is a mini concert, cheerful music flows from the graceful white grand piano. The biggest original works of artist Mr. Li, Hsi-Chi, Reborn, hangs on the wall of the hall. The flowing Chinese calligraphy includes five departments of Stork Fertility Center. The pattern in the left upper corner stands that Stork Fertility Center’s goal is “Think Globally, Act Locally!”

iArt Gallery

The gallery starts with art healing, and makes people change their moods when they walk into our center. Integrate art to our daily life is the goal of iArt Gallery.

iArt Gallery is located in Stork Fertility Center. This high quality area with high ceiling and semi-open space makes it comfortable and spacious. Fair-faced concrete wall combined with well proportioned high and low space dimension gives different feelings for each exhibition areas. Through various types of exhibitions, we share beautiful art works and hope that Hsinchu, the city of technology, can Bloom beautifully. Moreover, heals every couple that comes to Stork Fertility Center hoping to get a baby.

Yuxi Garden

The water level of the little pond varies between day and night. Clients can come here for a little walk and relax. Look up the “Lucky Charm” on the outside wall of the building and hope that can get good news soon for pregnancy.

“Lucky charm” is the biggest stone carving art work of Taiwanese Postmodernism pioneer artist CHU WEI-BOR. It is created with 538 pieces of granite stone. The weight of each piece of granite stone is around 250-350 kilograms. The left part represent 10 months of pregnancy. And the right part represents 12 Zodiac signs. On the top of right wall is a symbol of a stork’s beak holing a sperm and an oocyte. Represent that through Stork’s help, our clients can bring back babies happily.

Waiting Lobby

High wall with outdoor light makes the space bright and warm. The gray carpet, deep blue sofa and warm yellow lights brings a calm and comfortable environmental atmosphere, which conveys what Stork Fertility Center wants to make clients feel during treatments, warm. What’s more, Philippines artist RAVI SINGH created a large sculpture “Embrace”, symbolizes two people and three people embrace together. The embrace of two people shows the love between a couple. The embrace of three people on the other hand shows the love of family after having a child.

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Services of Stork

  • Infertility Examination

  Anti-Mullerian Hormone(AMH)
  Vaginal Ultrasound
  WHO Semen Analysis
  Hormone blood test
  Chromosome blood test
  Autoimmune blood test
  Cervical culture (Cx.Swab)
  Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA)
  Endometrial Mocrobiome Metagenomic Analysis(EMMA)
  Analysis of Infectious Chronic Endometritis(ALICE)
  • Infertility Treatments

  Timed Sexual Intercourse (TSI)
  Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI)
  Personal and Precision In-vitro Fertilization (PP-IVF)
  Repeat Implantation Failure (RIF)
  IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI)
  Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA)
  Testicular Sperm ExtractionTESE
  • Genetic Examination

  Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)
  Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

  • Sperm and Oocyte Bank

   Egg Donation Program
Sperm Donation Program
Donate Your Eggs
Donate Your Sperm
Egg Freezing / Beyond Eggs
Sperm Freezing

  • Preventive Healthcare

Premarrital Check-up
HPV 9-valent Vaccine

  • Gynecology

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Stork Fertility Center Stork Fertility Center Author