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The clinical outcomes of donor oocyte bank

The benefits of Frozen Oocyte Bank

  1. We guarantee that the donor has stored at least 10 mature oocytes in our center. Also, these mature oocytes will be provided only for you and will not be shared by another couple.
  2. By using the most advanced vitrification technology, the average survival rate after thawing in our center is about 90%.
  3. The treatment is more flexible and based on your time. After we receive the permission from the government, we can thaw the oocytes and fertilize the egg right away!

According to our recent statistics, patients undergoing oocyte donation program have 50-60% chance of conception in average. The pregnancy rate and live birth rate of oocyte donation program are similar to the woman of using their own eggs at or below age of 35.

Our Achievement

The pregnancy rate and the live birth rate are highly relevant to the quality of oocytes and the age of oocyte retrival. According to the statistics of Health Promotion Administration (HPA), female fertility even plummets after age of 34.

Using oocytes from the donor is absolutely an additional option of happiness for couple who are eagering to become mother and dad in a short term.
Based on our statistics, oocyte donation program has great pregnancy rate (about 70%) and high live birth rates (nearly 50%).

Comparison between Frozen Embryo and Fresh Embryo

To preserve the oocyte, Stork Fertility Center performs highly efficient vitrification method published by Kuwayama et al. Based on our center’s statistics, frozen oocyte and embryo survival rates are 90% in average.

According to the recorded literature, the clinical pregnancy rates for frozen embryo transfers and fresh embryo transfers are comparable. Similar results have been obtained at the Center. The pregnancy rate for frozen embryo transfers has even surpassed that of fresh embryo transfers.
Frozen embryo transfer could be applied in women with irregular menstruation, asynchronous embryo development, or there’s further inspection needed.

Comparison between Fresh Oocyte and Frozen Oocyte Bank

As reported by our statistics, there is no significance between frozen oocyte program and fresh oocyte program including fertilization rates, good embryo rate, good blastocyst rate, clinical pregnancy rate and implantation rate. That is, vitrification method will not cause significant harm to the oocytes and embryos.

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The clinical outcomes of donor sperm bank

The percentage of Stork Fertility Center sperm donation cycles to the total sperm donation cycles in Taiwan:

*The sky-blue bar represents the percentage of SFC oocyte donation cycle, and the sky-blue plus apricot represents the total oocyte donation cycles in Taiwan.

The clinical outcomes of embryo transfer in the donated-oocyte recipients:

* BT= blastocyst transfer
* FBT = frozen (and then thawed) blastocyst transfer
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