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Traveling Overseas - Japan

by Stork Lai

Our Japanese patient is now 43 years old. She has been married for three years when she first came to e-Stork Reproductive Center about a year ago. During that time, she has already undergone three procedures of intrauterine insemination and three procedures of In Vitro Fertilization in Japan.
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Traveling Overseas - Brazil

Married and trying to get pregnant for the past four years, our Brazilian client is a typical 30-year old Chinese beauty with her fair, porcelain complexion – a sharp contrast to her Latin American husband’s Western looks and golden skin.

They arrived at e-Stork Reproductive Center with the complete documentation of all medical examinations they have conducted so far. Reviewing their results, I believed there is an abnormality with the husband’s sperm quality as each c.c. contains 10 million counts of white blood cells. The presence of such a high quantity of white blood cells would affect DNA and counter the benefits of using assisted reproduction techniques. Seeking a solution to their problem, they made the long journey from one end of the globe to another.

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