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Egg Freezing

When women wishing to preserve their fertility, Egg Freezing, as the mature oocytes cryopreservation, is a revolutionary technology that allows mature eggs to be frozen and stored for later use.

Why women should take Egg Freezing into consideration for future?
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 Number of eggs in the human ovary in relation to age of woman

In Mainland China, Egg Freezing is banned for single women. In Hong Kong, long working hours, the rising cost of living and high property prices have been blamed for the trend. 

For these kind of customers, performing Egg Freezing in Taiwan could be another options. 
Egg Freezing is legitimate for single women in Taiwan based on Artificial Reproduction Act

<Reference: How a ban is forcing China’s single women to put their fertility on ice overseas>

Furthermore, Stork Fertility Center has already helped consultants team, iCryobank, to serve and guide customers aboard be prepared coming to Taiwan. As the pioneer oocyte cryopreservation institution since 2000, provides every women to fulfill the dream of being a mother one day.

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Available Egg Freezing of iCryobank at Stork Fertility Center, Taiwan  

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During ovarian stimulation treatment, consultants will teach you how to inject medications by yourself in your home country. Stork Fertility Center follows patient friendly principle, fast and pleasant. Doctors designed your own fittest protocol as individualized controlled ovarian stimulation (iCOS). It offers higher flexible and more friendly to every customers.

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Last but not least, before you decide to freeze your own eggs for the future use, we must think about the impact of freezing. 
What is the difference of the fertility capacity between the fresh and thawed eggs?

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