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[Consultant Sharing] Sperm finally meet Egg with ICSI

I have been with the Stork for couple months , but I don’t have an insight into the knowledge about infertility. In addition, “Joy is a medicine! The happiest thing for Stork is seeing patients are all pregnant.” is a slogan for our Tuesday meeting. Therefore, the purpose of our morning meeting is discussing the unexpected/ unsuccessful case and then finding the reasons and creating improvement plans to provide the best service for our patients.
At one meeting, our doctor and colleagues shared the story of your good news and your treatment. It was impressive and I would like to know more about your case. Thus, I found your treatment and experience was not easy/ was quite tough before you came to Stork. Based on the case, You have tried 4 times IUI, 4 times egg retrieval and 3 times transferred. Actually, it was pretty good; There were around 10 eggs for every egg retrieval. However, all the embryo couldn't grow until day 5, So the doctor only could transfer day 3 embryo which were not fully developed. Nevertheless, the outcome didn't meet your expectations. You are 37 years old now and decided to come to Taiwan for giving yourself another chance to complete your dream.
As your former experience of IVF, after meeting with Doctor and finishing all required physical check,  You had to bring all the injection and medicine back for your first step of the treatment. The treatment went well. Next month, you came back to Stork for your egg retrieval. Total 32 eggs were retrieved and 23 of them were mature. According to your previous experience, we noticed that your egg probably had obstacles of insemination. So our laboratory have decided to do "ICSI"
For normal insemination, our laboratory will create a model of simulating internal fertilization in female body, and then put sperm around the egg. After sperm’s internal competition, there's only one sperm will be selected  for fertilization. However, the obstacles of insemination as your case, the fertilization was not successful which was like when you are ready for a race, but you were eliminated at the beginning. Fortunately, a Belgian invented "ICSI" in 1992. It increased the rate of insemination and the pregnancy. Moreover, it help thousands of  couples who suffered from infertility.
With great care from embryo culture technicians, we observed there were total 20 healthy embryo. Finally, among these embryo, 14 of them turned into blastocysts. This outcome was great and We were so happy for you. After one month rest, you are ready for next step of treatment, transferring. After that, You selected two Day 5 blastocysts, 4AA and 4BA. After 2 weeks, the rate of your HCG showed 3926. You met your expectation, and then 3 weeks later, we detected 2 heartbeat when you were back for physical check. You spent less than half year, and finally gained satisfied result. We wish you could come back and bring your twin babies on Stork’s Annal Party.
At the end, I have to say your case encouraged me and I learned a lot from it as well; Life is not always like they way we want it to be, but everything will be alright. I learned Keep your faith, keep moving, and receiving strength from your mate. The good result will come and All the obstacles won't stop you anymore

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