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What! In-vitro fertilization with 1 embryo transfer can reach 80% pregnancy rate!

I am always thinking if we are doing IVF, how high the pregnancy rate will surprise you? 100% is never impossible, perfection does not exist.... if you saw some publisher promoting a 100% pregnancy rate, no doubts that is a lie.
What do you relate when you see 80%? An 80% discount on high-end fashion makes you excited? Got 80% on exams will make as A grade, got 8 or above at NPS is worth recommending. But if you saw IVF with 80% pregnancy rate before, definitely a fraud.  

I will get you through the average result of IVF by Health Promotion Administration(MOHW) of the last 3 year ( see figure 1). For 35-year-old at the transfer cycle, the pregnancy rate is 52.6%, the live birth rate is 41.9% with average 2.12 embryo, not a very outstanding result. much more the same in western countries, by that, we might need a transfer cycle to bring a baby home. Moreover, the result of over 35-year-old is miserable, the live birth rate significantly decreasing with increasing age. Take the group of 40-year-old, every egg retrieval, transfer result in 38.4% pregnancy rate and 23.8% live birth rate, that is what everyone thinks about IVF in the past 40 years.   

How do we reach "80%" pregnancy rate? It's rather simple. Transfer an embryo with inner and outer beauty AND with the right time. Maybe you will ask, what is inner and outer beauty of an embryo and what is the right time? 

Before answering the questions, let us take a look at how we do IVF in the past 40 years. Our stereotyped "goal" was to culture a good looking embryo, no matter itʻs a day 3 or day 5 embryo, and no matter the endometrium cells ready or nor, we use our " experiences" to do the transfer. With that formula and judging only by the appearance of an embryo, the best pregnancy rate you can get is 50-60 %, why can't we get better? 

"Inaccurate" is the main reason! Appearance is not trustworthy, who would have known a pretty embryo is carrying Down syndrome? P4 data in the range, endometrium thickness reach 10mm, does that means the endometrium cells are ready? No! An even more stupid thing is we treat everybody the same, we apply the same formula for every transfer surgery. 

The ‘invisible ‘ is more important than the  ‘visible ‘, what can’t be seen under the telescopes will need a genetic test, it can see through embryo like the mirror on the wall. You might hear of IVF3.0 or IVF 3.5, IVF 3.0 is run PGS for embryos, to eliminate the possibility of having Down syndrome. Since the technology was out in 2008, the best we can do is the get the pregnancy rate up to 60-70%. As for ivf3.5, that’s very tricky, some insert a time-lapse camera to an incubator and called it AI incubator, use pretty words for marketing. In fact, both can’t achieve over 70% pregnancy rate using just words but not technology. 

Once we had an agent form Beijing told us that some American clinics are able to get 80-90% pregnancy rate at IVF, ‘what about the chances of having a twin’ I asked with respect. ‘Around 50%’ she replied. ‘ transfer 2 embryos each time?’ I kept asking. She laughed and said yes. It is meaningful if we do comparisons under the same level and conditions, with IVF results, you have to know, how many embryo transfers are the talking about. Creating a higher pregnancy rate with transfer less number of embryo means you had the right choice.

Of course, you’re going to ask ‘ why’s the limitation of IVF 3.0?’ The problem is ‘are we doing it at the right time?’ The endometrium cells have a WOI (window of implantation), the endow needs to be open by progesterone, and won’t stay open for a long time, it closes between 12-24 hours. At the 90s, doctors run a pathological examination of endometrium cells of patients went through repeated miscarriages, tried to find out the secret of WOI. Die without being ill because it was time wasting and inaccurate. 

But some say ‘ IVF 3.0 increases not pregnancy rate but miscarriage rate’  From proven medical science we can find 2 very important facts: “ biopsy only on an embryo with grading BB or above” and “biopsy cells control under by 5” the outcome depend on the two facts.

What if we still have doubts even with the rules? Many patients bring along their previous PGS report for reference, I was stunned, with so many AA embryos. I wonder why they failed after transfer those nice embryos. But with no proof of embryo photos, that only leaves me full of doubts. 

Sometimes, patients are not happy about their embryo grading, complaining we grade many AAs. I say if you get our BCs to other laboratories, you can definitely grade that BB or above. It’s like a different teacher grading the same article, you get different grades. 

Thanks to the big data and AI, a science study group in Europe, iGenomic, they published a lite version ERA(Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) using genetic technology. Stork Fertility Center introduced innovative technology in 2006. Combating PGS, we name it IVF 3.0+. Analyzing the data that we collected for the past  2years, we proudly announce that we achieve 80% pregnancy rate (see figure 2) with 1 BB(or above) grade embryo, multi-birth rate less than 1%, miscarriage rate under 5%. In other words, transfer embryo at the right time can increase IVF pregnancy rate 10-20%, third might be the best result so far in the fields of artificial reproduction.

I am always thinking if we are doing IVF, how high the pregnancy rate will surprise you? 100% is never impossible, perfection does not exist.... if you saw some publisher promoting a 100% pregnancy rate, no doubts that is a lie.

IVF 3.0+ create 80% pregnancy rate is surely the peak of the moment, but what about the rest 20%? We might find the answer at ALICE (Analysis of Infectious Chronic Endometritis) and EMMA (Endometrial Microbiome Metagenomic Analysis) . These two examinations were introduced in 2018 in Europe. Use also genetic technology to evaluate the good and bad bacterias in endometrium environment. It is crucial to know whether the concentration of good bacteria reaches 90% or not. The endometrium is where the embryo will rest, don’t you think the environment will affect your sleep quality?

What if you’ve had IVF 3.0+ and failed?  Maybe ALICE and EMMA is your answer. Make sure to eliminate the chances of Autoimmune rejection, thrombosis and the couples' chromosomes, whether have any balanced translocation or not. 

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[Patient Testimonial] Egg Donation-Skip a Long Way to Having Baby

I feel so grateful and happy right now.

I have my baby twins by egg donation. Thanks for everything, they grow up healthy and start learning walking now. My heart full of love whenever I hold my babies. This is the feeling of happiness I am eager to have.

Due to Premature ovarian failure, I gave up having a baby long time ago. 
However, I still tried infertility treatment for 3 years after I got married. 
Unfortunately, it did not work, soon and later, we decided to have egg donation treatment.

We were anxious about everything, but the only thing we knew was the law of donor program in Taiwan is mature and trustable. At the same time, we mailed to two different fertility centers in Taiwan. We got a warm and friendly reply from Celine who worked at Stork Fertility Center.

The thing we were worried about was language because there were fewer people in Hsinchu who could speak Japanese than in Taipei. Luckily, we felt better after visiting the Stork Fertility Center which was bright and clean. In addition, we felt relieved and comfortable after seeing our specialist of Stork Fertility Center, Celine, who was always there for us with kind smile.

Compare with the experience in Japan, Stork Fertility Center is better and everyone in here is much nicer. Because of that feeling, I believed in I would have a baby and bring he/she home with their assistant. After listening Celine’s detail explanation of egg donation treatment, we decided to match an Asian egg donor. We completed all the required procedure and then we went back to Japan waiting for the match result.

After 3 months, the perfect egg donor was found and the surgery was successful as well. As I went to Taiwan again, I transferred two embryos. After this step, the Stork offered lots of warm service, like meals and taxi for sending me back to hotel sooner.

Finally, it's the day that for pregnancy test. Yes! I was pregnant. The dreams come true.

It’s been 8 months since I contacted the Stork. I was very lucky everything went well when I was pregnant. And I delivered the twin babies as 38th weeks. Both of them are very health.  Although I didn’t feel they looked like me, I still thought they were cute. I don’t think I’m pretty, so egg donation treatment is a much better option for me.

Wish you all the best. Never give up! With the Stork Fertility Center, you must be happily after.

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