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Contorl you feutre, Beyond Eggs and IVF 3.0+ plus

she didn't want to fly over for ERA, so we transfer 1 normal embryo with the traditional format. Unfortunately, we failed. She did ERA at the next month, found that.....

Can we control our future ?  What if we can make plans for our life, what will your future like? 

Miss F from Nanjing, China, had followed her plan of life, came to Stork at the age of 32, with a high AMH data, 3.81ng/ml. Been through 2 oocyte-pick up surgery, froze and stored 25 mature eggs. 

Two years later, Miss F meet her Mr.Right and got married. Tried to have a baby for a year but life is not what she expected. Did a test of her AMH again, only 0.8 left.  At age 35, she thawed the eggs started IVF treatment. 20 out 25 mature eggs survived, after insemination, culture for 6 days, we created 9 embryos, and 5 of them graded 5BB and the other 4 were BC grade. Implantation fails or success, it really depends on whether the chromosome is normal or not, even if the gradings are good. 

Embryo gradings are just for reference, Miss F choose to do IVF 3.0+, 5 BB grading embryos were all biopsied and 3 of them sent for PGS test. Two out of three are with normal chromosome, one is with partial abnormalities. With younger age group comes with lower chromosome abnormalities, she is very lucky that she had chosen to freeze eggs at a young age. According to statistics, the embryos that created by the 32-year-old group can have almost 60% normal chromosome rate. These 3 embryos are suitable for implantation, form our experience, transfer 1 embryo with normal chromosome can achieve 60~70% pregnancy rate. 

As Miss F lives overseas, she didn't want to fly over for ERA, so we transfer 1 normal embryo with the traditional format. Unfortunately, we failed. She did ERA at the next month, found that the WOI(window of implantation) is different than others, intake progesterone for 96 hours, which is 24hours earlier than our traditional format, that might be the main reason why we failed the first time. 

Two months later, Miss F took progesterone for 96 hours and with a normal embryo, we performed precise implantation. After two weeks, her ßHCG data reached 10,567! Three more weeks later, we have a heartbeat. She is now a happy mother-to-be. 

What were the factors of a perfect ending? the answer is ’IVF 3.0+’. Without PGS, how can we know whether the embryos are normal or not? Without ERA how can we know the precise WOI for each one? It is a huge waste if we transfer a normal embryo at the wrong time. Also if we are at the right time transferring an untested embryo, is just gambling. Is not like we can depend on appearance only. With PP-IVF ( personalized precision IVF), we can make it work.

Life is full of uncertainty, we can not control our future, but we can freeze our eggs for our future. About egg freezing, some might not understand how it works or near heard of it, worrying about it is not useable in the future, or the thaw-egg pregnancy rate. Afraid of missing put the optimal age to conceive a child, at the age 35-37, the cost-performance ratio is the best. It is proofed by science, after age 38, the quality of egg drop rapidly, which made the coat of doing IVF a lot higher compared to use frozen egg at age 35-37.

Stork’s oocyte bank use thawed egg for egg recipients’ IVF treatment, at 2018, we thawed 7,604 eggs and 7,206 survived. The survival rate achieved by 95%. The following fertilization rate 77%, embryo rate 66%. It's much likely equal to fresh eggs. determine the technology level is not only by the freeze-thaw result. Appling polarized microscope to do insemination at the right time is also very important. As well as the embryo culture system, and can it apply PGS to determine whether the embryo is normal? If the answers are all YES, then transfer 1 normal embryo can reach 80% pregnancy rate.  This is the most important criterion to choose to freeze " Beyond Egg". It is only worth it if we can use the Beyond egg to create the highest pregnancy rate!  

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[Patient Testimonial] I Believe Stork, I Chose Egg donation

With the assistant from Stork Fertility Center, I got the 10 weeks pregnancy after second transfer. Although I was worried when I had bleeding during my early pregnancy, I felt grateful at this very moment.

We got married when we were 40 years old, so we started our IVF treatment late.
We tried our best for this treatment. However, advanced age made treatment more challenge. We couldn't retrieve the eggs with better quality. Meanwhile, our Japanese doctor suggested us to try the egg donor program in Taiwan. In this way, I could still be pregnant and deliver. Thus, I decided to try and meet my last hope with positive mood.

Before we made the final decision, my husband was worried about my feelings about receiving the eggs from donor. "Do I love this kid?" would be our biggest concern. However, the answer is No, because this kid will have the genes from my husband, and grow up in my belly. I believe I must love him/her so much. In addition, we regretted late start for our IVF treatment. I won't let it happen again. So, I decided to email to Celine, a consultant of Stork.

Because Stork Fertility Center was recommended by my Japanese doctor, that's why I didn't feel any restless. I got quick reply from the Stork regarding the schedule for my doctor appointment. The communication went very well. It only took us about 45 days from the first email to the email of confirmed doctor appointment. It’s our first time to visit foreign clinic, so we were nervous. Nevertheless, we felt relaxed and comfortable after we walked into the clinic which was warm, clean, and bright.

As we first visited, our consultant, Celine was always there for us. We didn't need to worry about the language issue. She was a friendly, clever, and reliable person. The Most important thing was she had lots of experience in the field of infertility. Whenever I had questions, she always had answers for me. Also, she would remind me when I missed something, so I relied on her so much. When I’ve been transferred, there was another consultant who was an outgoing girl and could speak Japanese fluently. She helped us a lot and kept encouraging us, and made me relax.

My doctor is Dr. Lai who is a warm man. He told me that "Believe in yourself, you could bring baby back." It really touched me, and I started my treatment with confidence. I went Back to Japan for my check-up, and then mailed the result to the Stork. I received the medicine for transferring and the date of next doctor appointment quickly. With rapid conversation, sincere concern, well equipment, I believe that's why Stork has high pregnancy rate. Based on extensive experiences, they could be so confident to make the case successfully.

Although, I haven't delivered yet, I really appreciate Dr. Lai, Celine, and everyone who from Stork Fertility Center.

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