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International medical service provides more convenience to the patients

To have better medical service than home country, medical tourism has become a more popular word. For example, Asian patients with cancer or cardiovascular diseases would go to Japan or other developed countries for the advanced treatments. In the realm of reproductive medicine, the condition for patients who need donated oocytes is different. Since the law restricted the oocyte donation in Japan, patients must find a solution overseas.

The assisted reproductive technology has been developed around one decade in Taiwan. In 2007, the oocyte donation was allowed in Taiwan by the authority decree, and the oocyte cryopreservation for social reason as well. For patients with authorized marriage certificate, they can take the oocyte-donation program if the wife's ovarian reserve displayed significant diminished, because taking more IVF cycles seems inefficient.

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The secret of age—maternal age and embryo aneuploidy

The chromosomal abnormality (aneuploidy) rate increases with maternal age.

By analyzing with next-generation sequencing, more precise information can be obtained.

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is an examination to screen the embryos with abnormal dosage of chromosomes (aneuploid) in the IVF realm, and it is strongly recommended to the women with advanced maternal age or undergoing recurrent miscarriage. By excluding the aneuploid embryo transfer, the success rate of IVF can be significantly improved.

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