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[Consultant Sharing] Sperm finally meet Egg with ICSI

I have been with the Stork for couple months , but I don’t have an insight into the knowledge about infertility. In addition, “Joy is a medicine! The happiest thing for Stork is seeing patients are all pregnant.” is a slogan for our Tuesday meeting. Therefore, the purpose of our morning meeting is discussing the unexpected/ unsuccessful case and then finding the reasons and creating improvement plans to provide the best service for our patients.
At one meeting, our doctor and colleagues shared the story of your good news and your treatment. It was impressive and I would like to know more about your case. Thus, I found your treatment and experience was not easy/ was quite tough before you came to Stork. Based on the case, You have tried 4 times IUI, 4 times egg retrieval and 3 times transferred. Actually, it was pretty good; There were around 10 eggs for every egg retrieval. However, all the embryo couldn't grow until day 5, So the doctor only could transfer day 3 embryo which were not fully developed. Nevertheless, the outcome didn't meet your expectations. You are 37 years old now and decided to come to Taiwan for giving yourself another chance to complete your dream.
As your former experience of IVF, after meeting with Doctor and finishing all required physical check,  You had to bring all the injection and medicine back for your first step of the treatment. The treatment went well. Next month, you came back to Stork for your egg retrieval. Total 32 eggs were retrieved and 23 of them were mature. According to your previous experience, we noticed that your egg probably had obstacles of insemination. So our laboratory have decided to do "ICSI"
For normal insemination, our laboratory will create a model of simulating internal fertilization in female body, and then put sperm around the egg. After sperm’s internal competition, there's only one sperm will be selected  for fertilization. However, the obstacles of insemination as your case, the fertilization was not successful which was like when you are ready for a race, but you were eliminated at the beginning. Fortunately, a Belgian invented "ICSI" in 1992. It increased the rate of insemination and the pregnancy. Moreover, it help thousands of  couples who suffered from infertility.
With great care from embryo culture technicians, we observed there were total 20 healthy embryo. Finally, among these embryo, 14 of them turned into blastocysts. This outcome was great and We were so happy for you. After one month rest, you are ready for next step of treatment, transferring. After that, You selected two Day 5 blastocysts, 4AA and 4BA. After 2 weeks, the rate of your HCG showed 3926. You met your expectation, and then 3 weeks later, we detected 2 heartbeat when you were back for physical check. You spent less than half year, and finally gained satisfied result. We wish you could come back and bring your twin babies on Stork’s Annal Party.
At the end, I have to say your case encouraged me and I learned a lot from it as well; Life is not always like they way we want it to be, but everything will be alright. I learned Keep your faith, keep moving, and receiving strength from your mate. The good result will come and All the obstacles won't stop you anymore

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Oocyte Freezing – A Friend from Shanghai

Oocyte Freezing – A Friend from Shanghai

Becoming a bride and becoming a mother are two important life events for women. However we cannot predict future. When will we fulfill our dream? When can we meet Mr. Right? Why not embrace the freedom of uncertainty? Oocyte freezing is a good choice for us to free ourselves.

By Dr. Stork Lai

Engagement is a promise to get married. Oocyte freezing is insurance for having a baby in the future. Becoming a bride and becoming a mother are two important life events for women. To whom will you reach out your hand for such important events?

We have a lot of clients from oversea. Clients from Mainland China are lesser. But it’s increasing these two years. Most of them are “high difficulty” cases. For example, primary ovarian insufficiency, habitual abortion, genetic disease and fail for a lot of times. However, there was no one from Mainland China came for oocyte freezing program. And she became the first one.

I met her last March. She came with her friend. They met each other when they studied in Europe. This Taiwanese friend froze her eggs few months earlier, because she had goals to reach at the time. After freezing, her future seems to be full of hope, which made her felt great and wanted to share with her friend and leaded to our first oocyte freezing client from Mainland China.

It’s easier when you have a friend accompany with you. After first consultation, she brought back all the injections needed in the program. I designed the simplest stimulated protocol for her. Which not only can minimize the time she came to Taiwan but also retrieve more oocytes. Moreover, in order to avoid ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, I choose to use GnRHa as trigger injection.

We met for the second time on the ninth day of her period. She came for ultrasound and blood test and get total 19 follicles. Two of them are large, six in medium size. The others are small ones. Because the growing speed of the follicles were faster than expected, we do oocyte retrieval two days earlier than my original plan. We got 22 oocytes in total. Exclude one bad quality oocyte and two immature ones, 19 mature oocytes were frozen.

Life is full of uncertainty. When will we fulfill our dream? When can we meet Mr. Right? Why not embrace the freedom of uncertainty? And try to do what you can do for your future self. She only came to Taiwan two times and stay for about a week. Except came for following check up shortly, she was traveling Taiwan for most of her time. Experience beauty of nature and exotic culture.

Can oocyte freezing bring blessing and good luck? I received a box of delicate wedding cake a few days before. The familiar name printed on the card surprised me. She studied in America and had a great job after graduate. However, she hadn't get married. And came for oocyte freezing around 40 years old. And after two years, she finally met the one she wanted to walk down the aisle with. She is the first one who get married after oocyte freezing. I'm so happy for her.
Before oocyte freezing, there are three questions I will ask. "Do you have a boyfriend that you are considering marry him?","Will you get married within 2 to 3 years?", "How many children do you want after you get married?". I've ask her before. Although the answer was no, she finally found the one, which makes me very happy.

I don't know if oocyte freezing can bring good luck or not. But I am sure it can brings you confidence and relief. When you are confident and relieved, good thing will happen to you very often. The most beautiful woman is one who is confident about herself. When you can show your own beauty, you have great possibility to meet the right one. Hope the clients who froze their hope here can find their true love as soon as possible and enjoy a warm family with children. 

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The Depressing “8 accidents” of IVF Treatment

What is the most depressing part of IVF? For younger women with abundant ovarian reserve, the process would be smoother. Usually, 1-2 times oocyte retrievals are highly possible to create a baby. However, for women over age 38, there might be numerous obstacles.

Age> 38 and AMH< 2 are 2 indicators of “Diminished ovarian reserve”. 
The following situations are “8 accidents” we concluded from our previous experience.

Bad response
For example: We saw 5 small follicles on D1-3 of the patients’ period. However, the number of follicles decrease after stimulation. The primary reason of this situation is the bad quality of follicles which are not able to proceed developing.
Earlier ovulation
The ovulation should occur at 36-40 hr after trigger. However, if the ovulation occur earlier then we expect, we might not be able to extract the oocytes when operation performing.
Empty follicle
Usually, there would be an oocyte inside a follicle. However, in some cases, there might be no oocyte in the follicle, which we called a “empty follicle”.
Low good oocytes rate
The good oocytes rate for women under age 35 is over 70%. For women over age 40, the good oocytes rate is lower than 50%. Even worse, some of the oocytes might be defective for insemination.
Low fertilization rate
The overall fertilization rate is about 70%. However, for some cases, the fertilization might be lower than we expect.
Abnormal fertilization
The fertilization might turn out to be 3PN or other abnormality.
Not dividing
95% of the fertilized eggs would go on cell division. However, some of them might not undergo cell division.
Stop developing
The normal embryos will divide in 15-17 hours. The embryo should acquire 6-8 cells after 3-day culture. However, the embryo might stop developing during the culture, which will end up no embryo for further transfer or freezing.

How to prevent these 8 accidents?
Bad response
Planning the PP-IVF (Personal Precision IVF), such as mild stimulation, natural cycle or D-OPU.
Earlier ovulation
The time point of trigger is different depends on the age. For women under age 40, we only trigger when the follicles are bigger than 17 mm. For women age under 40, we would adjust the trigger at 15-17 mm follicles size. Since the follicles walls of older women are less flexible (might rupture when the size is 20 mm), we can use the prostate gland inhibitor (anal suppositories) to prevent the rupture at 8-14 hrs prior to the oocyte retrieval.
Empty follicle
There might be truly no oocytes in the follicles. Otherwise, the time point and the method of trigger might also the reasons of empty follicles. In this case, we can try adjusting the time or the gesture of the trigger.
Low good oocytes rate
The oocytes would be observed by embryologist after the operation. Those defective oocytes are neither predictable nor not able to undergo fertilization. What we can do is to keep collecting more oocytes with good quality.
Low fertilization rate
The low fertilization rate is related to the quality of sperm and oocyte. The quality of the oocytes is depending on the age, when is unalterable. What we can try is using microscopy with higher resolution (6300X IMSI) to choose sperms with better quality.
Abnormal fertilization
Usually, for those who have fewer oocytes, ICSI is used as the first priority method of fertilization. The cause of this situation are mostly the chromosomal abnormality of the oocytes. What we can do is to keep collecting more oocytes with good quality.
Not developing
The cause of this situation is more related to the quality of the oocyte. What we can do is to keep collecting more oocytes with good quality.
Stop developing
From the genetic aspect, the better embryos have higher possibility to keep developing. The abnormal embryos would be naturally eliminated and often stop developing at D3-4 of the culture. What we can do is to keep collecting more embryos with good quality.

Under which circumstances should I consider using oocytes from younger donor?
According to our statics, for women at age 43, it might take 120 oocytes to successfully bring back a baby. The live birth rate each oocyte retrieval and transfer is only 3.5%. Under these conditions, do you still have the courage to keep going? If the answer is uncertain, maybe you can start considering the oocytes recipient program. 
We suggest women with the following conditions to consider using oocytes from the donor:
1.      Women older than 43 years old.
2.      Continuously getting empty follicles for 3 times oocytes retrievals.
3.      Continuously getting 0 oocytes for 3 times oocytes retrievals.
4.      Continuously having 0 embryos for further transfer for 3 times.

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Sperm Donation Program

Sperm Donation Program

Some males might suffer from infertility due to some diseases such as congenital chromosomal abnormalities and endocrine system abnormalities. Or testicular dysfunction, varicocele, sperm transportation dysfunction. etc. Or due to living habits, working environment, physical and mental illnesses and other factors such as drugs, radiation and sexual transmitted diseases, etc.
For these reasons, couples might need to borrow sperm form others to achieve their dream of having a complete family. 
Stork Fertility Centre has our own Sperm Bank, donors went through strict examinations and health assessments. As we have our bank, the waiting time for a suitable donor will be reduced to around 1 month after handing in all the required paper works. 

· What health assessment did the donor have?
the donor will go through assessment including infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS; Tests for genetic diseases such as thalassemia (complete blood count, CBC) and spinal muscular atrophy (genetic testing), karyotype testing, and Fragile X gene screening, etc. 

· Is it good to use thawed sperm? 
The donor's sperm preserve by the slow freezing method mixed with the cryoprotectant and gradually cooled down to -196 C. The survival rate after thawing is about 30-50%.
Preservation of sperm in extremely low-temperature liquid nitrogen equals freezing time, and storage for more than ten years is not a problem.

· How many times can we use the sperm?
It depends on what treatments you are undergoing. 
In Vitro Fertilization: approximately 3-4 times using Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, ICSI
Intrauterine insemination: approximately 1-2 times

· Can we see donor's photos?
No. Medical care institutions shall provide information concerning the donor's ethnicity, skin color, and blood type for the reference of the recipient couple only. We can not revive personal information about the donor due to the law restriction. 

· Can I choose a specific donor? 
According to Taiwan's Assisted Reproduction Act, "A medical care institution performing assisted reproduction shall not use a specific donor’s reproductive cells as requested by the recipient couple; a medical care institution shall not use donated reproductive cells for a specific recipient couple as requested by the donor.

· Do you have caucasian donors? 
No, all our donors are Taiwanese(Asian). 

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[Patient Testimonial] Egg Donation from Taiwan, Happiness for us.

Actually, in Japanese culture, it was considered as marrying at a late age. During that time, My husband and I both have agreed that we didn't want to have kids. But, But, I regret that thought and would like to have our own kids when I was 40 years old.  I took (spent) a year and a half to convince my husband. However, doctor told me it was too late to have kids when I visited infertility center because I was almost in Menopause. After doing some research, we could not believe that the infertility treatment in Japan is not as open-minded as other countries. Fortunately, we saw a word, Egg Donation, somewhere and it brought us a hope. It was a new concept for me. At the same time, we doubt it and thought how could I get pregnant with others’ egg? Could it happen?

In fact, Egg Donation is legal in many countries, such as in the United States, Thailand, and Korea. After searching more information and getting more understanding about the treatment, I found the procedure for processing the treatment is convenient in Taiwan and the price is reasonable as well. In addition,  I trust the medical technology in Taiwan, so I finally chose Stork Fertility Center which has good performance showing on the data of statistic and great reviews of the health check of donors. Due to these results, it's really trustworthy. Besides, they have patients not only from Japan, but also from all over the world. Which means Stork Fertility Center was full of experiences of communicating with patients from other patients.

Moreover, although the staffs of Stork aren't Japanese, they still help us a lot, including processing all the paperwork and answering our questions. They are always  there for us. We really appreciate it. My husband didn't want to have kid  in the beginning, and he took the opposition against me. I knew that was all because male was lack of knowledge for aged women in fertility. However, my husband’s attitude had changed after we met the Dr. Lai who provided all the information and educated us what the egg donation is with patience.  Additionally, the atmosphere of the center made me feel comfortable and confidence to have my treatment at Stork Fertility Center).
Actually, I had a concern that bothered me was my baby won't have my DNA. But, this thought had been removed after I experienced all the process of pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care of my baby. I don’t regret I made this decision because our new family member makes our life much better and happier.

To people who are considering the "egg donation", I believe in once you and your spouse could overcome this worry if two of you could face the problem together. Even though the procedure might be a challenge, it will pass and then the hope and happiness will come to your life.

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Savings insurance for Fertility, Oocyte Cryopreservation leads to a bright future for having children.

Savings insurance for Fertility, Oocyte Cryopreservation leads to a bright future for having children.

After being single for several years, I still hadn't meet my Mr. right. Therefore, I came back to Taiwan to do oocyte
cryopreservation without hesitation. When I was 37, I finally get married.
However, pregnancy tests were always negative. After two times of failure in
IVF. I finally get a positive when I am 40. Although people always say don't wash your dirty linen in public. I still
want to share my experience to encourage some young ladies to make decision
 Written by client

I am 40 years old this year, and have a happy marriage life. What's more I am very lucky to have a pair of twin boys. In other's eyes, it's just an ordinary life. However, it was not easy for us to reach to this point.  
When I was younger and after being single for several years, I still hadn't meet my Mr. right. Therefore, I came back to Taiwan to do oocyte cryopreservation without hesitation. When I was 37, I finally get married. However, pregnancy tests were always negative. After two times of failure in IVF. I finally get a positive when I am 40. Although people always say don't wash your dirty linen in public. I still want to share my experience to encourage some young ladies to make decision wisely. In case when you want to become a mother, but find out that you already pass the fertility golden age. Or settle down in a rush with someone you don't love just because of biological clock.
When I was in my early 30s, I just completed my Master of Business Administration degree. And was very successful in my career. I traveled a lot and enjoyed working and living in different countries. When you're devoted to your work and traveling all the time, it makes it even more harder to find a right guy for me to built a family with. Moreover, I wanted to start my own business. Therefore, egg cryopreservation is the only way to get rid of all those pressure from " biological clock " and to let me persuade my dream with all my heart.

That's why I flied back to Taiwan when I was 33 years old. I got 23 mature oocytes that is healthy and can be preserved after only one oocyte pick up. Back then, there were just few clinic that can provide this service. Even when I went to see some Obstetrics and Gynecology doctors to treat my ascites because of retrieved too much eggs. They asked me "Why would you do this without having a husband?" in disbelief. And my family couldn't understand why either! But for me, doing egg freezing when you were young is like buying a savings insurance for fertility, which give me more autonomy of my life. I didn't need to be anxious because of I hadn't met someone right or giving birth to babies, which might make me lose myself.

After years of devoting to works, I gained a lot of experience and growth. The ambitious for career had already been washed away. I moved from Shanghai to San Francisco. I know who I am and what kind of life I want which make me feel more confident and attractive. I dated for several times and finally met the right guy, which become my husband today.

We had a romantic wedding beside Portovenere, Italy, and moved to Milan. We had a happy marriage, but no good news. Therefore, I decided to use my fertility insurance. We thawed all 23 oocytes and fertilized them with sperm. The culturing result was good. 15 blastocysts that can be freeze. And we chose to do Preimplantaion genetic screening(PGS).

Wow! There were a lot of chance to get pregnant weren't there? But we soon found out that it's not that easy. Successful rate of implant frozen blastocyst is not 100%. We underwent two failure within three years. Every failure was a punch to our life. I can't remember how many tears have flowed and how many time I used to reset my mind. I felt bad when every time someone asked "Are you pregnant?", " Your baby must be beautiful!", "What are you waiting for? Get a baby as soon as possible"!

However still felt lucky compared to the mother's of my age who is trying to have a baby. Because I already preserved my eggs when I was young. Those couples were also facing infertility problems. But without egg freezing, they need to undergo a lot of egg retrieval procedure. And only can get 2-3 eggs per time. Or even none!

At the age of 40, I decided to adjust my life style and daily life routine. Trying all methods that can help me evaluate my health to the best condition. And then I came back to Taiwan for my last try. Maybe because of my relaxed mood or because of the fate, I got pregnant and what's more it's twins!

After going back to Milan, doctor told me because I used the oocytes from 7 years ago, made the pregnancy and baby health risk a lot lower. I feel so grateful that I made the right decision, which makes me a happy Mom right now.

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The answer for Lin, Chi-ling's dream. Beyonds eggs and IVF 3.0 plus.

Famous model Lin, Chi-ling got married with J-pop dancer Akira! Most people send their blessings to these new wed couple. However, at the age of 44, public keep questioning her chances of pregnancy. 

As the Taiwanese saying goes, it’s very difficult for an old lady to conceive. A 44-year old woman is not considered as an old lady of course. After all, she still looks amazingly beautiful and is still in the middle age of her life. However, the live birth rate of women at her age is only 5%. How much effort should she suffer in order to bring a baby home?

Luckily, she did the precaution with “Beyond Eggs” 5 years ago wisely, which provided her great chance of success and reachable happiness. Women usually clearly imagine the picture of happiness on her own, although it’s not possible to know when can they meet the right one. The ooctyes frozen 5 years ago are now extremely valuable. The successful rate of thawing the ooctyes and doing the IVF is about 60-80%. The problem is “how can she using these precious oocytes to create the greatest value”?

Rewind to the year when she was 39 years old. If she didn’t do the wise decision, she may now only have a single solution, oocyte from the donor, left for bringing a baby back home. Take lady Y, an actress also, as an example, she endeavored to do the oocytes retrievals for 23 times in a year because she refused to utilize the eggs from a donor.
The reason why she didn’t freeze her oocytes when she was younger is that she thought she will never get married after 40 years old.

What is the unseen secret behind the successful story of Lady Y?
Since her implantation window is different from other women (12 hours later), I believe her story wouldn’t be in this happy ending without the “IVF 3.0+”. Different from the traditional IVF, IVF 3.0+, namely PP-IVF, is designed according to the ovarian reserve (AMH), preimplantation genetic screening and endometrial receptivity analysis. Established the IVF 3.0+ since 2016, the success rate of transferring in a normal blastocyst is as high as 80%.

The condition of Lin, Chi-ling is much better than lady Y. Assuming she is the client of Stork Fertility Center, except for thawing and fertilizing her oocytes, I will let her know the must-know second choice for women over 43 years old and ask, “Would you be able to accept oocytes from a donor?” If the answer is No, I will definitely ask her further, “It will cost enormous time and money to reach the goal, do you think you have the strength and the determination to do this?” If her answer is, “Yes! Money is not a concern for me. I certainly want to try.” Then, I will remind her in the end that a cut-off point should be set at about half to a year. Lady Y prolong her journey for a year and half.

What if the “Beyond Eggs” of Chi-ling are all running out? IVF 3.0+ is definitely her first choice. We will take the strategy of “Blastocysts Collection”, which means we will fertilize all the oocytes after extraction. After at least 5 days of culture, the blastocysts graded above BB would undergo the PGS. Since the PGS might slightly affect the successful rate of transfer, those blastocysts graded below BB would be frozen directly. According to our statistic, every 3-4 oocytes could become 1 blastocyst at her age. About 7 blastocysts would include 1 PGS normal blastocyst. In sum, to acquire a PGS normal blastocyst, it would take about 21-28 oocytes in advance. However, to bring back 1 baby, we recommend couples to collet 1-2 PGS normal blastocysts, 3-4 PGS normal blastocysts for 2 babies, etc. I heard that she desires to have a pair of boy and girl twins, which is possible but not absolute promising. As for how long would it take, this depends on her AMH level. In average, AMH is usually lower than 0.8 for women at her age, which imply that she might be able to get 0-2 oocytes at each cycle. Luckily, we have the strategy of “second-time retrieval” in our center. Presume that she can get 3-4 oocytes per cycle, she might be able to get 1-2 PGS normal blastocysts about half a year. To add up the successful rate, she must do the ERA before the embryo transfer. This act will increase the successful rate for about 10-20%.

Can one design her own happiness? What kind of life style do you want? Although Chi-ling made a good decision when she was 39 years old, the number of her oocytes and the age of frozen are still a concern.

The good behavior of a happiness life is to “see the destination before starting running”. By this mean, you can realize how far it is? In which direction? What are the obstacles in the journey? How could we be well preparing in advance?

At the era of artificial reproductive technology, human can design their future plan regardless of time. For those who are still searching for the right one, freezing your “beyond eggs” now can allow you bravely chasing your dream. Overall, if a woman can freeze 11 oocytes under age of 35, about 90 percent of chance she can bring a healthy baby home in the future. This is the pledge given by us, Stork 11.
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Contorl you feutre, Beyond Eggs and IVF 3.0+ plus

she didn't want to fly over for ERA, so we transfer 1 normal embryo with the traditional format. Unfortunately, we failed. She did ERA at the next month, found that.....

Can we control our future ?  What if we can make plans for our life, what will your future like? 

Miss F from Nanjing, China, had followed her plan of life, came to Stork at the age of 32, with a high AMH data, 3.81ng/ml. Been through 2 oocyte-pick up surgery, froze and stored 25 mature eggs. 

Two years later, Miss F meet her Mr.Right and got married. Tried to have a baby for a year but life is not what she expected. Did a test of her AMH again, only 0.8 left.  At age 35, she thawed the eggs started IVF treatment. 20 out 25 mature eggs survived, after insemination, culture for 6 days, we created 9 embryos, and 5 of them graded 5BB and the other 4 were BC grade. Implantation fails or success, it really depends on whether the chromosome is normal or not, even if the gradings are good. 

Embryo gradings are just for reference, Miss F choose to do IVF 3.0+, 5 BB grading embryos were all biopsied and 3 of them sent for PGS test. Two out of three are with normal chromosome, one is with partial abnormalities. With younger age group comes with lower chromosome abnormalities, she is very lucky that she had chosen to freeze eggs at a young age. According to statistics, the embryos that created by the 32-year-old group can have almost 60% normal chromosome rate. These 3 embryos are suitable for implantation, form our experience, transfer 1 embryo with normal chromosome can achieve 60~70% pregnancy rate. 

As Miss F lives overseas, she didn't want to fly over for ERA, so we transfer 1 normal embryo with the traditional format. Unfortunately, we failed. She did ERA at the next month, found that the WOI(window of implantation) is different than others, intake progesterone for 96 hours, which is 24hours earlier than our traditional format, that might be the main reason why we failed the first time. 

Two months later, Miss F took progesterone for 96 hours and with a normal embryo, we performed precise implantation. After two weeks, her ßHCG data reached 10,567! Three more weeks later, we have a heartbeat. She is now a happy mother-to-be. 

What were the factors of a perfect ending? the answer is ’IVF 3.0+’. Without PGS, how can we know whether the embryos are normal or not? Without ERA how can we know the precise WOI for each one? It is a huge waste if we transfer a normal embryo at the wrong time. Also if we are at the right time transferring an untested embryo, is just gambling. Is not like we can depend on appearance only. With PP-IVF ( personalized precision IVF), we can make it work.

Life is full of uncertainty, we can not control our future, but we can freeze our eggs for our future. About egg freezing, some might not understand how it works or near heard of it, worrying about it is not useable in the future, or the thaw-egg pregnancy rate. Afraid of missing put the optimal age to conceive a child, at the age 35-37, the cost-performance ratio is the best. It is proofed by science, after age 38, the quality of egg drop rapidly, which made the coat of doing IVF a lot higher compared to use frozen egg at age 35-37.

Stork’s oocyte bank use thawed egg for egg recipients’ IVF treatment, at 2018, we thawed 7,604 eggs and 7,206 survived. The survival rate achieved by 95%. The following fertilization rate 77%, embryo rate 66%. It's much likely equal to fresh eggs. determine the technology level is not only by the freeze-thaw result. Appling polarized microscope to do insemination at the right time is also very important. As well as the embryo culture system, and can it apply PGS to determine whether the embryo is normal? If the answers are all YES, then transfer 1 normal embryo can reach 80% pregnancy rate.  This is the most important criterion to choose to freeze " Beyond Egg". It is only worth it if we can use the Beyond egg to create the highest pregnancy rate!  

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