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Era of big data - Taiwan Fertility Centre apply advance technology for donor - recipient matching

Era of big data - Taiwan Fertility Centre apply advance technology for donor - recipient matching 

Taiwan Fertility Centre participated in Aspire 2019 Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction. Aimed to share our studies at freeze oocytes and the usage of big data at our iconic oocytes bank of Asia. Oral presentation lead by Dr. Meng-Ju Lee, MD and our Academic group leader Andi, study about the best insemination time for thawed-oocytes. And we achieved at using average 6 eggs for 1 baby delivered. With our experience and data of over 20,000 thawed- oocytes, our thawed-oocytes survival rate, fertilization rate, and blastocysts rate, all of those are world-class. We also demonstrated the latest system we use for matching oocytes donor and recipient. The system uses the calculation of big data. 

Since 2005, Stork Fertility Center start to provide oocytes donation and acceptance. Stork Fertility Centre enlists over 300 donors, with a sufficient supply of each blood type, no long waiting matching process. Every donor pass through high-standard health assessment: Chromosome Karyotyping, drug screening, infectious disease screening, Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

From 2009 to 2019, over 5,353 cases successfully got pregnant using donated oocytes, takes over 50% in Taiwan region. In order to provide a better and complete service for the recipient family, we are now using big data for matching. Use AI rather than manually, we hope we can provide a more caring, intimate service.

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[Patient Testimonial] I was sophomore, I chose freezing my eggs

As I was sophomore, I was diagnosed that I had a 13cm cysts. Two years later, I was diagnosed that I have several polyps. I did the surgery therapists twice with Doctor's suggestion. After that, I thought everything will be better if I keep healthy daily habits and diet, and following up with clinic. However, it wasn't easy as I thought, more unexpected gynecological conditions have been diagnosed.
I was told I might be infertility when I was 24. At once of following up, Doctor's told me seriously "you are retaining water in your fallopian tubes. The treatment for you is either block it or cut it off. You need to make a decision." Looking at the transferred tube from ultrasonic, I felt deep frustrated. I can't believe that it just happened on me. If I want to have a baby in the future, which means I couldn't be pregnant in the natural way. If I want a kid, the Only way is IVF? There were lots of questions in my mind. I could not stop worrying and crying. Afterawhile,I organized my thoughts and started facing on the issue. I knew I need to do something for my future. Beside seeing the doctor, next step is "having my egg to frozen".Therefore, I started searching and collecting the information from the hospitals and fertility centers. I also read some stories from the internet. After reviewing all the comments, I chose to freeze egg at Stork Fertility Center, and scheduled the first consultation.I still remembered the feeling of the moment I walked into clinic. I felt nervous and helpless; and hope everything would go through well. In order to do fertility assessment, I had the first appointment with Dr. Wang, I told him my medical history. Dr. Wang was so kind and answered all my questions. In addition, he was so considerate and concerned for my budget. Thus, Dr. Wang made me a customize treatment. Dr. Wang was so friendly and told to me as a friend during the inquiry; it reduced my anxiety and made me feel comfortable. Finally, the consultant, Donna,  explained me the procedures of freezing egg, and also gave me a big encouragement. After this experience, I was pretty sure that "Freezing egg" is the first priority of my to-do list.

On the third day of my period, I went back to the center and took ultrasonic scanning. I told Dr. Wang, that I didn’t have any confidence in my condition. However, I still remembered he encouraged me and said “don’t worry and let’s work on it together.” I felt hopeful and believed no matter how my treatment will be, Dr. Wang will be there for me. After seeing Doctor, they arranged me to inject the first long-acting rFSH and needed to take some luteal support in following days. Donna explained all the details after then. My feeling was complicated, but happy for starting my first step of my treatment. Additionally, the APP of from the Stork showing all the steps of my treatment and the data is really convenient for me to track the status. However, the app doesn't have English version right now. I believe it will come out soon.
During the 9th day of the period, I took the ultrasonic scanning again and then taking blood testing. Dr. Wang checked my test result and had positive comment on it. He had confidence to collect at least 10 eggs. Therefore, in order prompt my body to produce multiple egg, I would be prescribed injection medications.
On 14th day of my period, it's the day for eggs retrieval. I woke up early and went to Stork for checking in. I was guided to surgery room. I was checked with ultrasound. The Sonographer told me "Did you see? You have many eggs in your belly now." I felt relax and worthy. After surgery, I felt pain. But I heard we had a great job from Dr. Wang. The surgery was successful and had a great result. There were total 28 eggs with this retrieval that was better than I expected. However, I got the bad news about my cysts were back again. By freezing egg, I felt much power and courage to endure all myhealthconditions.I’m glad I save my wishes in Stork Fertility Center. This was my biggest gift of my 24th birthday.
I went home and ate the food that the center provided. While I was guessing how much eggs would be storaged this time, and I got the call from them. They told me there were 20 eggs were mature that could be frozen. I looked the medicine what I brought from clinic, I knew it will be done after I finished all the medicine. The detail information of my eggs was shown on the APP I felt surprised again, due to I saw the details of my eggs and the photos. It was to wonderful.
One day, I will get married and have kids. I don't want anything stop my future life. I hope my story would encourage those girls who face the same problem as me. Please don't ignore the body signals as you are young. Don’t hesitate, believe yourself, be brave, no regrets. Best wishes! 

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