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Personalized-Precision IVF

The journey of becoming parent might be long for some people. Maybe you have already tried many times IVF, maybe you are just about to start. How can we be closer to the final destination-- bring a lovely baby home? 

At Stork Fertility Center, our dogma is "Precise" and "Personalize". When you first come to our center, we will do a series of tests, including the blood test, hysteroscopy, hysterosalpingogram etc. (Want to know more about the tests? CLICK HERE! ) These examinations ensure the womb is safe and ideal for baby. We don't want to cause your body extra burden so the doctor will design a personal plan for you according to your hormone data. 

The next question is: how to manage "precise"? First, we have to make sure the quality of the embryo we want to transfer. In order to do this, there is a technique called "PGS"(click). Basically, we take few cells of the embryo. Don't worry, after culturing the embryo for 5 days, our embryologist will score them. We will recommend you do PGS on the blastocyst that is scored above BB grades which means cells have a certain amount. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE GRADING AND PGS(click) 

Then we can know which embryo has normal quality and have better success chance!
Another technique is "PGD(click)". PGD is right for people who have a family genetic disease. PGD can customize probe for a specific disease which is inherited by family. The laboratory will use this probe to find out which embryo have this inherited gene.
First successful pregnancy after preimplantation genetic diagnosis for Haemophilia A in Asia(click) 

After making sure which embryo have a better chance, how can we know WE got a better chance? The answer to know WHEN is the best time to transfer-- ERA(click) . By ERA, we can know the window of implantation --  the ideal time for transferring the embryo.

We will recommend these three methods for repeated implantation failure, women who reach a certain age or people who have inherited disease etc. In this way, we can be more precisely, meaning closer to our dream-- cuddling a baby in your arm.

We hope we can be your partner on this journey, if you have further questions or need more information, leave a message down below!

Don't be shy to contact us!

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The Procedure of Oocyte Recipient Program (Overseas)

For couples struggling to conceive consider Oocyte Recipient Program aboard, Stork Fertility Center has iCroybank consultant team to support you on this journey. 
Only two times to Taiwan, you can complete the journey in Stork Fertility Center!

With the support of personal consultant, you could know the hospital fee clearly to plan the budget accordingly. Consultants could answer the question of medical information, give general advice and emotional support at every stage of your journey, and accompany you on your initial inquiry right up to your pregnancy test.

Required documents
1.   Registration Form (please e-mail to our consultants. see contact us. Or register online)
2.   Marriage Certificate (Based on your marriage registration places, let your marriage certificate get authenticated by TECO which in your marriage registration places.)
3.   Couple's photo ID and valid passport
4.   Couple’s HIV, syphilis, blood typing report and other fertility medical records
5.   Kinship form (Our government will check whether your husband and oocyte donor are relatives, please record you and your husband relatives English name)

1st relative degree
2nd relative degree
3th relative degree
4th relative
Grandparent and sibling
Aunt, uncle, niece, and nephew
First cousin, grandniece and grandnephew

At least 2 visits for the oocyte donation program
We’ve designed a preliminary oocyte-recipient treatment plan as shown in below based on your situation, the most favorable one presently. However, the practical one should be followed by our doctor's order.

First Visit to Taiwan
 7-11th day of your menstral cycle, stay for 2-3 days.

I. Meeting with the Doctor.
II. Complete and notarize Oocyte Donation Program consent, notarization, IVF consent, Kinship Form and regarding documents.
III. Recommended Examinations as below.

For wife: Blood testing (TSH,PRL,Autoimmune), Hysterosalpingography, Hysteroscopy, 3 in 1.
For husband: Semen Analysis
For both: Blooding testing (ABO typing, HIV, RPR)

IV. Bring the medications for embryo transfer back to your country.
V. Decide whether doing PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) or not according to doctor’s advice
V. Decide whether doing ERA (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) or not according to doctor’s advice

An ideal donor is founded!
When the ideal donor is founded, you will receive the notification. If you agree to accept this donor, please remit the frozen oocyte package-NT$ 480,000 within one week.
By the way, the PGS cost is not included in the table above. The PGS is NTD$ 24,500/embryo.

Frozen oocyte bank package (TWD 480,000): Includes health assessments; nutrition allowances; and blood samples, injections, medications, ultrasonic scans, inconvenience allowances, transportation allowances, and assessment handling fees for the donor during treatment.

Second Visit to Taiwan
18-20th day of your menstrual cycle, stay for 3-7 days

Get in touch with your personal consultant to design your IVF journey. You can speak to us in absolute confidence and with no obligation. 

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