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The Procedure of Egg Freezing (Overseas)

For the oversea customers, a simplified procedure is here:

Two steps to Taiwan at Stork Fertility Center only

1. Physical examination: 

You could take a simple blood test in your home country and provide reports to your consultants for further consultation of Egg Freezing.

   Ovarian reserve test
  • Blood Test, total four items are recommended
        (1) AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) ** AMH is the most important item of all **
        (2) PRL (Prolactin)
        (3) TSH (Thyroid-stimulating Hormone)
        (4) Testosterone

  • Vaginal Ultrasound, is another option to know your ovarian reserve
Antral Follicle Count (AFC) a transvaginal ultrasound study that measures a woman's ovarian reserve, or her remaining egg supply. The ovarian reserve reflects your fertility potential.

2. Stimulation injection:

You can visit Stork Fertility Center at any time, discuss with doctors about your own individualized controlled ovarian stimulation treatment and just bring the prescription home. 

3. Oocyte retrieval operation:
The next visit Stork Fertility Center will be on cylce day 8 and stay for nearly 7days til the eggs retrieval operation finishes, depending on your IVF protocol.   

For further questions of Egg Freezing, to find your personal agent: "" or book an consultation for yourself.

Wish Every women could fulfill their dream of being a mother one day!

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