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Sperm Bank

by Ashley
“Excuse me. Do you have a sperm bank?” Her voice in the phone sounds with high expectation, though her question was straightforward. After my positive response, she talked over 10 minutes about her attempting to get pregnant. I suggested her visiting us in person while she can be available, so our doctor can give her clear information and she can know the precise process from our lab. It was only the morning, and then she took a long drive from Taipei and showed up in the afternoon. “What made a 34 year-old lady so proactive?” I wondered.

She got pregnant in the first year of marriage, but couldn’t keep the baby because of blighted ovum. Although they keep trying, there seemed to be trials to this couple. Her husband was diagnosed with melanoma and treated as well, but they were shocked after finding no sperms in one analysis. After further biopsy results confirmed her husband’s azoospermia, they choose to face the reality and support each other approaching their clear goal.

Now their first goal is to bring back their baby home as soon as possible, so she came to e-Stork. The complicated legal procedure didn’t pull her back, and she didn’t even set up any criteria for the donor’s background. “Just healthy would be enough; I think the education after baby born would affect more.

I haven’t ever seen anyone finished the legal procedure and obtained all the documents that fast. After the examination, she took the first timing to boost the oocytes production. I am glad that e-Stork has a comprehensive service of sperm bank to deserve their efforts and cooperation; and her ovary is functioning well that we took 22 oocytes at once in her first two months coming here.

While we were incubating the embryos, she had to consider the timing for “moving baby,” as her students needs her attending their athletic meet just the day after presumed implantation. She was worried those sports may affect the implantation of the embryos. Even finally we decided to freeze 5 good blastocysts, she had concerned about if the frozen ones are as good as the fresh ones. “If the fresh ones can work better, I would try to give up attending the athletic meet,” she said.

However, she has poly-cystic ovary syndrome, and the doctor wondered her implantation window may already past. Since now the success rate of frozen blastocyst is as good as the fresh one, we suggested her wait for the coming month. “You have been very good since the beginning, how about we take a break and implant the beautiful baby while you are really ready?” Just as expected, the implantation next month was very successful; the frozen embryos stayed cool, and the hCG test showed clearly happy two lines. The sharp data shows all the joys everyone has.

Wherever there is a will, there is a way. Challenges come to our life without knocking doors. We may be afraid of being too late to say or do something. This couple touched me deep down by their spirit – regardless of struggle and challenge, just keep faith and working hard till the last minute. Now they have their happiness, and more than that, they have our blessings.

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