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Premarital Check-up

There are a lot of factors that might affect giving birth to next generation successfully. Do you really know your own body condition before get pregnant?

With years of infertility experience, Stork Fertility Center design a package of premarital check-up, which includes both male and female's basic fertility evaluations and advanced genetic tests. We believe by doing these examinations can help newlyweds or those who are single but have plan to get pregnant. Our physicians will provide professional consultant. And if you need any help in future, we can also provide you the most precise suggestion.


❤Basic fertility evaluation




Physical examination

Basic information, health history, inquiry, body weight, blood pressure, pulse, respiration

Infectious disease




Rubella virus antibody

Varicella-Zoster virus antibody




Genetic disease test


Blood type

ABO blood type test

Fertility System

Anti-Müllerian Hormone(AMH)



Uterus and Ovaries' size

-Vaginal Ultrasound

Semen Analysis




$6,800/ Couple

Advanced examinations

If you want to know more about your body condition, you can do following  additional tests.

Additional tests for both male and female

Spinal Muscular Atrophy


Second Common inheritance disorder next to Thalassemia


expanded carrier screening test 17

17 common genetic inheritance disorder in Taiwan


Additional tests for female

Fragile X gene screening

Second Common inheritance Intellectual disability next to Down Syndrome



Use x-ray to look at the womb (uterus) and Fallopian tubes.



Cervical cancer screening


Pap smear

Cervical cancer screening


Chlamydia DNA

Cause of pelvic inflammatory disease



 Make an Appointment 

Please make an appointment before coming for premarital check-up.

 Download Stork Fertility Center APP

If this is your first visit to our center, please make an appointment after download the APP. 

Make an appointmentSelect {Appointment Services}{Time}{Room1}Purpose of visit{ premarital check-up}


Weekly Clinics hours

 Stork Fertility Center(Hsinchu)- From Monday to Saturday, Morning or Afternoon, Room 1



Stork 11 Fertility Center(Taipei)-Monday and Friday morning, Room 1


❤Notice for check-up

👯 Female-

No need to be on an empty stomach. Please come to our center within one week after your period.

👮 Male-

No need to be on an empty stomach. 

The last ejaculation should be two to five days before visit our center. 

(For example, if last ejaculation is Jan 1st, then semen analysis can be perform during Jan 3rd to Jan 6th.)

 The procedure of examination day-

registration Physical examination Appoint with Physician Blood test Make next appointment for explain reports.
Stork Fertility Center Stork Fertility Center Author

Storage Fee Payment Terms

Storage Fee Payment Terms

A.  ATM and Bank Transfer in Taiwan

Please transfer storage fee to below account.


B. Overseas Bank Transfer

***After transfer, please provide below information and email:

so we can confirm if the payment is received. 

● Name: 

● Birthday(YYYY/MM/DD): 

●Transfer date:

●Currency and amount:

●Remitter’s Name:

***If any question, please contact 

Hsin-Chu Stork Fertility Center: +886-3-573-3355 ext.1552~1557 

Taipei Stork 11 Fertility Center: +886-2-2532-3357

ext.2101 or 2102

C.Bank transfer or credit card by app

Please make sure Stork app was already download and registration and verification are finished. both credit card and bank transfer are available for storage fee payment.

Bank Transfer:

  1. First press [費用資訊] then choose [線上繳費]

  2. Tick the items which need to be paid, choose [匯款] for payment term, then press [開始繳費]

  3. Make sure the cost showed is correct then enter your bank account information.

  4. Transfer succeessed.

Credit card:

     1. First press [費用資訊] then choose [線上繳費]

     2. Tick the items which shows[ 冷凍保存費], choose [信用

         卡] for payment term, then press [開始繳費]

     3. Make sure the cost showed is correct then enter your    

         credit card information.

     4. Transfer succeessed.

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