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IVF journey x Stork Fertility Center

For couples struggling to conceive consider IVF aboard, Stork Fertility Center has iCroybank consultant team to support you on this journey. 

Upon Taiwan Artificial Reproduction Act, IVF couple need to submit marriage certificate.
Consultants could help access the applications of marriage certificate, medical treatment visa and guide you to prepare the concerning documents. 

Stork Fertility Center also applied individualized controlled ovarian stimulation (iCOS) to design the fittest protocol for every customer based on the individual ovarian function.
This kind of treatments are definitely higher flexible and friendly for couples aboard. 

Couples generally need to visit Taiwan three times at least, depending on their ovarian function and health condition to see if the multiple eggs retrievals is recommended.

The IVF journey outline at Stork as below

The First Visit Taiwan

Cycle Day 7 - 11, stay for only one day

  • Wife's Examination 
  1. Blood test of Autoimmune
  2. Basic evaluation 
  3. HSG (hysterosalpingogram)
  • Husband's Examination
  1. Semen Analysis
  2. If Husband was too busy to come back on the eggs retrieval surgery date, sperm freezing is recommended. 

  • Discuss your IVF treatment with the Doctor
  • Gain the personal IVF protocol and Bring the medication back home
  • Regarding paperwork 
----- To start ovarian stimulation on desired cycle day 2 or 3  ----

Upon the IVF protocol, you need to visit Taiwan by the second follow-up of follicle growth. Due to measurement system variation of ultrasound and blood testing, we encourage customers come back for subsequent follicle growth monitoring.

The 2nd Visit Taiwan

Cycle Day 7 - 9, stay for 5-7 days
  • Follicle growth monitoring 

  • Eggs retrieval surgery
  • Hysteroscopy and cervical culture examinations
  • Eggs freezing (for Eggs Collection)

  • Insemination and Blastocyst culture (For Embryos Collection) 


  • Discuss the next step of IVF treatment with the Doctor
  • Bring the transfer medication package back home
****  To start taking medication on desired transfer cycle day 4 or 5, 
        follow endometrial lining on cycle day 12 to 15 ****

The 3rd Visit Taiwan

Cycle Day 18 - 23, stay for 5-7 days
  • Blastocyst transfer

With Consultant's support, you could know the hospital fee clearly to plan the budget accordingly. Consultants could answer question of medical information, give general advice and emotional support at every stage of your journey, and accompany you from your initial inquiry right up to your pregnancy test.

Get in touch with your personal consultant to design your IVF journey. You can speak to us in absolute confidence and with no obligation. 

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