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How about the fertility capacity of frozen eggs?

Before we decide to cryopreserve our own eggs for the future use,

we must think about the impact of freezing.

According to many scientific articles, the risk of egg freezing is related to the maternal age, not the procedure itself. The findings are concordant to the report released by Stork Fertility Center in newest annual meeting of Taiwan Society of Reproductive Medicine.

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How long can my eggs remain frozen?

After I have made up my mind to do egg freezing, what information I should know about this technique?

1. Longer the storage is, lower the success rate of thawing egg is?

At Stork Fertility Center, the mature eggs (MII stage) would be vitrified and then stored in the liquid nitrogen, which performs a -196℃ circumstance to stop biological activity in the cells. The previous scientific reports showed that no significant relations exist between long-term storage and quality of thawing eggs based on the stable circumstance and reliable freezing/thawing techniques. — a record-breaking case can be seen here: Monica Zapotoczny

2. If the techniques are workable, how long can I store my eggs?

According to the Taiwan Assisted Human Reproduction Act, there is no time limit to the autologous egg freezing. However, the donated eggs (or sperms) should be used in 10 years. The fresh and frozen eggs displayed similar clinical outcomes, so the storage time is just depended on the individual schedules.

3. If I am menopausal, can I use the donors' frozen eggs?

The uterine status and menstrual cycles can be regulated by the external hormones. Thus the success rate of thawing eggs is related to the maternal age of the donated egg rather than the age of the egg recipient — An oocyte recipient at the Stork Fertility Center got healthy twins by using the donors' eggs, and she was already 62 years old!
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