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Oocyte Donation Program Procedure (oocyte donation in Taiwan)

Oocyte Donation Program Procedure

1. Documents preparation:
  a. Registration (please e-mail to our coordinators. see contact us. Or register online)
  b. Fill out Kinship form and get recipient consent notarized
  c. Fill out IVF consent
  b. Matching

2. Infertility workup
  a.  Stork Fertility Center will give notification if there’s suitable donor matched.
  b. For frozen egg set (the oocytes can be used immediately), which the cryopreserved eggs can be used immediately, please wire TWD 430,000. For fresh egg set (the donor must undergo OPU cycle), please wire TWD 370,000.
  c. Please finish the following check up:
       Semen analysis
       Sperm cryopreservation

3. Embryo transfer cycle
 a. Donor start the stimulation procedure. (If you used our oocyte donor bank, the donor has completed oocyte retrieval.)
 b. Stork Fertility Center will give notification if the date for donor’s egg retrieval is determined. ( two days before the egg retrieval)
 c. On the date of egg retrieval, husband collects sperm sample in Stork Fertility Center. Or using the frozen sperm for fertilization.
 d. Fertilization takes place, embryo culture to day5. And freeze all the resulting embryos.
 e. Frozen embryo transfer will be arranged according to recipient’s next cycle, around TWD 50,000-60,000 per cycle.

  • Cash – Please pay at the counter of Stork Fertility Center
  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT)/ Bank deposit – Please note account details as ff:
Bank Name:  First Commercial Bank, Hsin Chu Branch
Bank Code:  007
Account No.:  301-10-057266
Fax Number:  (886) 3-573-9011

(Note: Upon payment, please send copy of telegraphic transfer or deposit slip via fax to the Administrative Office - Accounting Department )
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