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Perseverance and spirit, secret of all triumphs

Josh Billings said,

“life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” 

They do not have good cards;

They do have the perseverance and spirit

and overcame the premature ovarian failure and azoospermia eventually.

A quote of Taiwanese Poet, Xi Murong, is that “all in rush written in the book of youth.” Youth is like a blooming flower, at the brightest and most beautiful stage of the life. What is your definition of youth?

I still remembered the first day I met her. She came to our clinic for the health screening before getting married and prepared for the pregnancy. The uterine condition and fallopian tubes seemed normal. Unexpectedly, the chocolate cysts were found in her ovaries, with a declined AMH value as 0.76 mg/ml. The ovarian reserve showed severely declined, and it was unusual at her age (~20+ years).

Chocolate cysts is the symptoms of endometriosis which endometrial tissue grows out of the uterus, and in the ovaries. The cysts contain the menstrual blood, chocolate-like liquid, enlarging over months with the menstruation. Thus she often felt pain during the periods, but did not know the actual reason until now.

It was not the entire news. The results of her fiancé 's semen analysis displayed as azoospermia, which means that no sperm could be found in the ejaculated semen.

With such low AMH value, many people would choose to take the donated egg program. However, using the embryo generated from both donors' sperms and eggs is forbidden according to the reproductive legislation in Taiwan. The diminished ovarian reserve and azoospermia became two difficulties in getting pregnancy. Considering her age was still young, the fertility specialist recommended her to take the strategy of oocyte accumulation from multiple IVF cycles and to use the sperm bank.

She agreed with this suggestion. Instead of a fixed stimulation protocol, her doctor designed an individualized protocol to adjust her ovarian function. In her first IVF cycle, four mature eggs were collected and it encouraged them to continue the other programs.

Then their wedding followed behind.

In the wedding vows, they promised each other,

"I will love you, hold you and honor you,

I will respect you, encourage you and cherish you,

In health and sickness,

Through sorrow and success,

For all the days of my life." 

After becoming the husband and wife, they came to the clinic every month to continue the oocyte collection. It was just like running a marathon, and some accidents happened. Eventually, the egg collection took her almost 22 months.

The embryologists performed the artificial insemination using IMSI (6000x magnification) in her precious, frozen-thawed oocytes. The culture condition was controlled very well to grow the fertilized eggs into the blastocysts.

After transferring a blastocyst graded as 4BB, she finally got pregnant, and the beta-HCG level was 500 mIU/mL.

Youth is like a blooming flower, at the brightest and most beautiful stage of the life. Although the ovarian reserve was diminished, the quality seemed not being affected by the maternal age adversely yet. With her whole perseverance and spirit, they finally start a sweet family.

Her clinical outcomes were showed as below,

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