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A turning point in my life — single embryo transfer in donor cycle

「A turning point in my life」的圖片搜尋結果

I have been to so many hospitals for taking IVF. 

This time, I made up my mind to come here, 
because I have heard that the oocyte bank at Stork Fertility Center was good. 

I am 44 years now, and have no time to waste.

It's time to know the result of pregnancy test....

I did not want to do the urine test at home this time, because I was very familiar with the feelings of frustration and disappointment. My husband and I sat in front of the doctor's desk, waiting for the good or bad news.

"Congrats, the beta-HCG is 2000 mIU/mL. You got pregnant!"

My doctor smiled at me, but I was stunned then. Until we walked out of the center, I was just bursting with joy. We have waited for this baby at least 12 years. I even could not remember what I have experienced in the past years. Finally, I got my baby at 44 years of age after transfer only one single embryo. It was the miracle of the eggs, since these eggs were retrieved from a young woman.

Before taking the donated program, I have gone through so many cycles of my own IVF, but it just did not work. In the March of 2016, I have gone through cryotransfer with four Day3 embryos, and the outcome was as disappointed as usual. 

I asked my husband, 

"How can I do? I have no time nor money. Should we continue to try more (IVF)?"

The journey seemed endless, and full of tears. 

After resting couple of days, I decided to use "others' egg," since mine were obviously not good. I found the iCryobank website through net searching, and called to the center directly.

The lady there sounds patient and professional, and we arranged my schedule smoothly. My doctor examined my uterine state after the first visit to the museum-like center, and encouraged us to take the donated program. 

Soon, a young donor was matched to us. Thirteen eggs were retrieved, and five available blastocysts were cryopreserved. The process took around three months.

The doctor suggested us transferring a single blastocyst, because both the morphology and developing time of embryos seemed good. I was wondered about the success rate, but finally agreed with the prevention of multiple pregnancies. 

This Day5 blastocyst has become our lovely baby now. My family has started here. I was still proud of myself, for the decision at that day and for my own encouragement during this journey.

Pregnancy code of donated program at Stork Fertility Center (P-code):

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