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Oocyte Freezing – A Friend from Shanghai

Oocyte Freezing – A Friend from Shanghai

Becoming a bride and becoming a mother are two important life events for women. However we cannot predict future. When will we fulfill our dream? When can we meet Mr. Right? Why not embrace the freedom of uncertainty? Oocyte freezing is a good choice for us to free ourselves.

By Dr. Stork Lai

Engagement is a promise to get married. Oocyte freezing is insurance for having a baby in the future. Becoming a bride and becoming a mother are two important life events for women. To whom will you reach out your hand for such important events?

We have a lot of clients from oversea. Clients from Mainland China are lesser. But it’s increasing these two years. Most of them are “high difficulty” cases. For example, primary ovarian insufficiency, habitual abortion, genetic disease and fail for a lot of times. However, there was no one from Mainland China came for oocyte freezing program. And she became the first one.

I met her last March. She came with her friend. They met each other when they studied in Europe. This Taiwanese friend froze her eggs few months earlier, because she had goals to reach at the time. After freezing, her future seems to be full of hope, which made her felt great and wanted to share with her friend and leaded to our first oocyte freezing client from Mainland China.

It’s easier when you have a friend accompany with you. After first consultation, she brought back all the injections needed in the program. I designed the simplest stimulated protocol for her. Which not only can minimize the time she came to Taiwan but also retrieve more oocytes. Moreover, in order to avoid ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, I choose to use GnRHa as trigger injection.

We met for the second time on the ninth day of her period. She came for ultrasound and blood test and get total 19 follicles. Two of them are large, six in medium size. The others are small ones. Because the growing speed of the follicles were faster than expected, we do oocyte retrieval two days earlier than my original plan. We got 22 oocytes in total. Exclude one bad quality oocyte and two immature ones, 19 mature oocytes were frozen.

Life is full of uncertainty. When will we fulfill our dream? When can we meet Mr. Right? Why not embrace the freedom of uncertainty? And try to do what you can do for your future self. She only came to Taiwan two times and stay for about a week. Except came for following check up shortly, she was traveling Taiwan for most of her time. Experience beauty of nature and exotic culture.

Can oocyte freezing bring blessing and good luck? I received a box of delicate wedding cake a few days before. The familiar name printed on the card surprised me. She studied in America and had a great job after graduate. However, she hadn't get married. And came for oocyte freezing around 40 years old. And after two years, she finally met the one she wanted to walk down the aisle with. She is the first one who get married after oocyte freezing. I'm so happy for her.
Before oocyte freezing, there are three questions I will ask. "Do you have a boyfriend that you are considering marry him?","Will you get married within 2 to 3 years?", "How many children do you want after you get married?". I've ask her before. Although the answer was no, she finally found the one, which makes me very happy.

I don't know if oocyte freezing can bring good luck or not. But I am sure it can brings you confidence and relief. When you are confident and relieved, good thing will happen to you very often. The most beautiful woman is one who is confident about herself. When you can show your own beauty, you have great possibility to meet the right one. Hope the clients who froze their hope here can find their true love as soon as possible and enjoy a warm family with children. 

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