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Sheraton Hotel x Stork Fertility Center

Plant a seed in the past, reap a crop in the future;

Store an egg for the future, receive a gift from the past.

Sheraton Hotel in Hsinchu and Stork Fertility Center formed a cross-industry alliance this year, providing a relaxing, enjoyable, and flexible experience for the women who need oocyte cryopreservation here.

It is called "Platinum Project."

The Platinum Project is designed for the women from the other cities or countries to do both the egg freezing and touring at once. A typical egg freezing cycle involves controlled ovarian stimulation (around 10 days) and oocyte retrieval. Usually going to the fertility center for retrieval operation is necessary, and it would take around half a day. This project plans a "light tour" for the time after oocyte retrieval, and a personal Platinum butler would arrange the related hospitality, transportation, and tourist attractions nearby.

This project includes one night with dinner and breakfast, and provides discount of 20% (TWD 5,500).

Since the structure and style of society was changed dramatically, the number of women who need oocyte cryopreservation for social reason continued increasing every year. In 2012, Stork Fertility Center provided a more convenient protocol for overseas cases, and only two visits to Taiwan was required. The women from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Singapore, decided to freeze eggs at our iCryobank
Most of the above countries don't allow people to do oocyte cryopreservation for the social reason. Thus coming to Taiwan became one of the solutions.

Like the oocyte preservation itself, the experience of the process should be also beautiful, full with joy. The biological clock of frozen oocytes was stopped, and the hope of being parents was then preserved. One day, these oocytes would be thawed, fertilized, cultured, and put back to the maternal womb. 

Life continues.
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