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We are family!- Thinking of becoming an oocyte recipient

“I have always thought we don’t need a baby, as long as we can play with friends’ kids and enjoy our free time during our marriage life. Year after year, I have seen the joys lighting up my friends’ faces though great efforts behind having children, and then I started thinking of having a baby. Unfortunately, giving us a baby seems to be a very far dream…” This is from a note of a new dad, and his wife, going to be a pretty mom of twins, got pregnant from oocyte donation.

While you feel your life is on track and you almost have everything you want, sometimes a hopeless feeling just attacks you. While having no baby in your hand, and you suddenly find out pregnancy is so difficult, you think this may be a joke….

Our daily job shows us the willingness for a baby of many couples. When the ovary function is not as expected, being pregnant and delivering a birth seems to be a dream getting farther and farther away. Fortunately, the current ART brings you another option rather than adoption. By a younger oocyte donation, you can have a chance to make your dream come true.

It is always difficult to take the first step; especially you need to overcome the tradition to have a baby with different blood from you. The general concerns include the looks, health and the personality of the future baby, as this is a true life coming to your marriage life. We share your concerns and we understand your worries, therefore, we are always very serious on the donor’s health assessment, not only the professional diagnosis on the genetic disease and medical check, but also every interview to understand donor’s kindness and passion.

After you registered as a recipient, living healthy is very important, even if you feel frustrated for document procedure. Keeping good exercise regularly, good healthy diet, and good life style is crucial to prepare for pregnancy, or even further for baby’s health. The unhealthy life style we have seen, such as stressed from the job, sleeping disorder, unbalanced diet by eating –out often, high sugar uptake, smoking, drinking, drug reliance, should be completely avoided. However, the life style change needs a couple’s effort, and it takes time to see the efficacy. You will feel worthy once you bring a healthy baby to your sweet home.

There is not only the physical adjustment, but also the mental adjustment. The recipient couple should keep open-minded during the whole process and ensure each other this is what you really want. A baby coming this way is also your love crystal, should bring you no regrets. No matter you are adopting a child or having a baby through oocyte donation, the matter should be enjoying and delighting in the process of child’s growth and education, instead of how many genes from you. Child is a very important and crucial part of your marriage life.

Although you don’t know your donor, but you share a happy dream with her and that make you both a family.

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