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Basic Examination for Male

Basic Examination for Male

1. Sperm/ Semen Analysis (SA)

Semen Analysis is done according to 2010 WHO regulations in order to test the forward motility, quality and quantity of sperm collected.


  • Make an appointment with the fertility center and acquire a sterilized collection cup. 
  • There should be no sexual intercourse 2-7 days prior to the intended day for harvesting sperm.
  • Using masturbation, collect the ejaculated sperm in the collection cup.
  • Within 60 minutes from time of ejaculation, retrieved sperm sample must be submitted to the clinic. Ideal temperature for transporting sample is around 25℃.

When to test:
After 2-7 days of abstinence

2010 WHO references values for Semen Analysis
  • Total Sperm number: >39 millions/ ejaculate 
  • Total Motility: >40% motile
  • Progressive Motility: >32% with forward motility
  • Sperm Morphology: >4% normal forms

Easy, convenient, economical

Sperm quality is easily influenced by external factors, such as: change in seasons, temperature, body condition and living standards. Handling of semen sample is delicate.

It is not suggested to rely on the results on the first testing due to above possible factors affecting the result. It is better to undergo at least 2-3 examinations.

At least 1/3 of infertile couples have problems related to the male’s reproduction system. SA can easily pinpoint any abnormalities in the sperm samples.

It is very important to maintain 25℃ temperature during transport and handling of semen sample. During winter, keep container with sperm sample under jacket while transporting; and in summer, please ensure container will not be placed in direct sunlight or in front of air-conditioning unit.

Make sure samples are collected in sterilized cup. Lubricants can cause sample contamination.

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