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Lab Touring - Vitrification

Vitrification is a technology using limited amount of freezing agent(<0.1μl) and rapid temperature drop (>20,000℃/min) during the freezing process of cells, in order to make cells become viscous, non-crystalized vitrification matrix to prevent the ice formation and damage during the freezing process. The vitrified cells reserved in liquid nitrogen with -196℃ low temperature can take over the traditional slow freezing process of cells.


1. Freezing oocytes or embryos.

2. The reservation of rest embryos after the implantation.

3. Endometrium condition is not suitable for implantation on the expected date. (over stimulation, hormone concentration too high or low, illness, or slow embryo maturation)


Vitrification can effectively increase the survival rate of embryo/oocyte after thawing. e-Stork has been applied vitrification since 2006, and over hundreds of cases shows 70% success rate of pregnancy.
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