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A hidden miracle in the corner

by Drace
It may be true that money makes the world go round but there are still a number of things that can’t be bought or measured in monetary values. For example, the professional medical care we provide at e-Stork Reproductive Center and our sincere concern for all our patients are not for sale. One will be hard-pressed to find such exemplary service to match our track records in the present local market.

In e-Stork, we are driven by the philosophy that, ‘One should always give more than 100-percent in anything they do.’ This is translated into a 2-point service mantra – the first is that we will always exert our best efforts to provide patients with the best and most efficient treatment program based on their conditions; and second, we will remain strong as a motivating factor to all patients, tirelessly encouraging them to never give-up on their dream of having a child.

One of our clients suffers from decreasing ovarian reserve (DOR) which caused her continued infertility even after many trials and medications. Her unswerving determination is admirable and helps keep her sane while balancing a late marriage, stressful infertility treatments and the daily pressures of life. Even when we suggested the oocyte donation program as a potential and easier solution to their problem, the couple would still not give-up hope. Their stoicism and steady faith despite multiple disappointments touched our hearts.

I’m sure the emotional ups and downs of witnessing others achieving pregnancy against their constant failed trials must be very taxing to them. This is why we were all so elated when our combined efforts finally made a positive breakthrough that her embryos culture and transfer was successful established. Laughingly, the couple revealed how for the past weeks, they have been keeping a picture of their embryos to everywhere they go as a good luck talisman. Even if it is not yet the announcement day, we appreciated their deepest thanks for all our hard work.

Gazing after them, I could not help but fervently hope for they will be blessed with parenthood soon.

Insights from Dr. Lai

1. In light of the present infertility problems plaguing women, that 20 years ago, pregnancy in a woman of above 50 years is considered embarrassing and cause for actively seeking a means of abortion to avoid humiliation. The listed textbook age for menopause in women is at 52 years, but recently, this number has been steadily decreasing and menopausal women are getting younger. In the clinic, natural pregnancy at 40 years is already hard to achieve.

2. It is common knowledge that the ovary is the ‘egg storage’ of a woman’s body. Within each monthly cycle, it is theoretically accepted that women will release 10 to 100 eggs. This number should indicate that egg quantity would ideally not be depleted within a lifetime. Since recent cases show that younger women are getting menopausal, is it right to state then that women should seriously consider motherhood earlier in order to preserve future generations?

3. Mrs. T’s determination and trust in our medical staff should serve as a model story for all patients undergoing the same difficulties. Everyone should understand that the three most important elements in reproduction are – quality and presence of egg, sperm and uterus.

4. Once egg production starts deteriorating, it is advisable to look into alternative options, such as oocyte donation. As women become older, the pressures of time, money and emotional investment increases and pregnancy rates drop to 20 percent.

5. All our patients know that at e-Stork Reproductive Center, announcements of successful pregnancies is the source of our happiness. Thus, we exert all our efforts each day in order to help our patients achieve their dream of conception. Our center is different from other infertility clinics in that we strive to provide patients with all the details and explanations of the procedures/ medications administered. We assure them of transparency so they will be able to understand their treatment better.
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