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How a second thought changed my life - by Miss H

My husband and I first met when we were students. We dated for 10 years before we decided to get married. I was 28 and he was 30 years old. Afterwards, I spent a month setting-up house, decorating our new pad and adjusting to life as a wife.

Eventually, we thought about having a baby. Actually, I did not purposefully do anything that would prevent or increase my chances of getting pregnant although my menstrual cycle was very irregular. Since my cycle comes only 4 times per year, I consulted with traditional Chinese doctors for herb medicines and acupuncture. It was only when it came to the point when my cycle became late for 6-months, that I went to hospital for a check-up and found out that I have a condition called Premature Ovarian Failure.

I could neither process nor accept the doctor’s diagnosis – how can I already be menopausal with ovaries that no longer produce egg when I am only 29 years old. My husband brought me to another hospital for a second opinion but it was no use – the result was the same. It was recommended to us that the only way we can have a baby is to accept oocyte donation. At that time, it was difficult for hospitals to find suitable oocyte donors. I still remember that day so clearly; how I cried on my husband’s shoulders all the way home and went numb with the fear that I will never be a mother.

In order to better understand my condition, I searched the internet for more information regarding infertility and came across the site of e-Stork Reproductive Center. After reading about their donor bank, I called them up immediately to inquire and was told by the nurse that suitable egg cell donors are meticulously pre-screened so I will need to register my name in the list first. Depending on the availability, I was advised that it may take 6 months to 1 year to find a donor. Despite this news, I felt my hope flare up and we took the first train to Hsin Chu to visit the e-Stork clinic.

Even though it was my first time meeting Dr.O and the e-Stork medical team, their friendly smiles and professional approach, the clinic’s homely atmosphere and full disclosure of treatments to be undergone helped to put me at ease. I was confident that I have found the right place and right medical team to help me change my fate and achieve my dream of motherhood.

By the time we got back to Taipei, it was already midnight and the outside temperature was freezing but my husband and I did not notice the cold or the late hour. Our hearts were warmed with an overwhelming hope and we shared our first true smile since we learned of my condition.

I was then given a series of tests and told to patiently wait for news of a suitable donor match. After only 4 months, someone from e-Stork called us up to tell us the great news that a donor has been found and that we are required to visit the clinic to complete the paperwork. My feelings were bittersweet – on one hand, I was ecstatic a donor had been found. On the other, I also felt a piercing sadness that it is not my own egg. But with a second thought, I decided to shun all the negativity, and concentrated on the thought that it is I who will be carrying my baby inside me for the next 9 months, sharing my lifeblood with him. My faith grew steadier and I started to take the required medication to make my uterus much more fertile.

On the day of embryos transfer, my husband accompanied me to the clinic. I was so nervous but Dr. O and the wonderful nurses at e-Stork helped to calm me down. Soon after, it was done and the only thing I needed to do was to get rest and relax, waiting for announcement day.

In truth, I secretly tested myself prior to the specified announcement date. Even with two pink lines appearing, I could not bring myself to believe I really was pregnant until Dr. O himself called me to give me the good news. I was so happy. Dr. O asked me to continue resting for another 3 weeks until we can hear the baby’s heartbeat since complications, like ectopic pregnancy, can still manifest within this period. I suddenly felt that the process of getting pregnant is similar to a video game where you have to pass multiple levels before earning the prize.

I waited impatiently for the next 3 weeks, working myself into a nervous wreck by the time the day of my ultrasound arrived. Happily, the baby’s heartbeat was strong and after all our struggles, I have become a mom.

I want to thank Dr. O and all the members of the e-Stork medical staff for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a parent. I also express my deepest gratitude to my donor – whoever she may be – for her generosity in sharing a part of herself to help women like me. I will be sure to take care of my baby, ensuring that he or she will grow healthy inside my belly.

Insights of Dr. Lai

1. If we continue to keep our faith that we will succeed and refuse to let our fears/worries overwhelm us, success is not impossible. Ms. H was able to change her fate and become a mother because she refused to accept defeat.

2. Ms. H is currently 17 weeks pregnant and all tests in her first trimester are normal. By February next year, we will all be able to welcome her baby into the world.

3. Nowadays, more women are suffering from infertility and ovarian abnormalities, forcing them to accept oocyte donation in order to become pregnant. I hope that more young donors would be willing to share part of themselves in order to help others.
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