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Egg donation - The Giver and the Taker

Egg donation - The Giver and the Taker

There are some women are infertile due to the ovulation function failure, common reason include congenital under-developed ovary( e.g Tunner syndrome) ; premature ovarian failure (e.g due to infection, surgery, immune system or medication treatment, cause the premature ovarian failure). And some women are carrier of chromosome disease, for example hemophilia, using donated Egg can really help to slove the problems.

  • Where are the Egg come from ?

Most girl donating oocytes aim to help people, few of them are patients doing IVF, end up getting more oocytes that she need, so donation can be an option. Miss Y was doing IVF, but because of she suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome‎(PCOS), end up getting more than 20 oocytes, more than she needed.So she froze the rest and donated to others.

  • Privacy

According to the Taiwan governments’ Assisted Reproduction Act, “Assisted reproduction institutions shall not provide reproductive cells donated by a single donor to two or more recipient couples at the same time” Personal information of the donor and the recipient shall remain confidential, we can only provide donor’s health condition, heigh, weight, blood type, skin color.. mainly objective description to recipient couples for reference.

  • donor `s criteria

women at least 20 and less than 40 years of age,  has never donated Egg before.

  • the heath Evaluation

Other than hereditary disease from the family and chromosomal abnormality , history of epilepsy and hemophilia, we do blood test on infectious diseases, such as mediterranean anemia, diabetes, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, etc.

  • what do the donor need to prepare

After passing the blood test and checking the qualification with the government, donor can start treatment from menstruation cycle day 3, using medication for around 10 days, egg are becoming more mature. Throughout the procedure, we monitor the growth of egg using ultrasound and blood tests. Around cycle day 14, egg-pick-up surgery will be arranged, under anesthesia. The surgery last 10-15 mins, after 1-2 hours rest, treatment is completed.    

  • Side effects of egg donation

1.      Very few people ,around 1%, suffer from Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome( OHSS) after the surgery ,symptom include : abdominal accounts, poor appetite, decreased urine, shortness of breath, vomiting, etc.
2.      Young women have hundreds of thousands of egg available stored in the ovaries, and donating dozens of egg will not cause early menopause.

  • What do the recipient need to prepare

Doctor will arrange hysteroscopyH-scopyand hysterosalpinography(HSG) to make sure
the endometriumis smooth and no Edema at both fallopian tube. Then will start medication at day 5 of your cycle. Prepare the best environment for embryo to bed.

  • Will my kid look like me?

There are half gene of the kid are from the father, half are from the donor. As for the matching process, the priority will be the blood type. Then we will according the criteria that you make for the donor, try out best to find a perfect donor for you.

  • Can egg be frozen?

Positive. Vitrification is a common use technology at crypreservaion of oocytes and embryos. Vitrification is a cryopreservation technique that leads to a glass-like solidification. Oocyte, embryo and blastocyst freezing by vitrification method for cryopreservation have been used for many years beside sperms preservation. Moreover, the use of vitrification technology for ovarian tissue cryopreservation to freeze eggs offers such an elderly women who sometime find more difficulty in conceiving or in maintaining pregnancy till full term because of old age compared to relatively younger women who might get better chances to get a healthy pregnancy. Furthermore, vitrification helps cancer patients who are looking to preserve their fertility later on after completing their treatment.

Assisted Reproduction Act issued by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare

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