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[Patient Testimonial] Never give up for having a baby-Oocyte Donation Program

Faith means believing the unbelievable.

When we are the freshmen of Stork Fertility Center, we have the training program.
One of the course is that we need to entering the examination room, listening doctor's treatment and how to communicate with patients in order to make our advisory smoothly. 
When the patients tell their own story about the desire of having baby, we more understand what they have been through, and how they want this treatment bring result as expectation. That's why each movement we do is assigned a responsibility. Moreover, this follow-up process will strengthen the establishment of empathy and the special emotional connection with patients.

One of my training program, there is one couple makes me impressive.
"Did you use the pregnancy test kit at home?" doctor asked. I think that doctor try to make examine room more relax to ask this question. The husband said " No, we are too nervous to test by ourselves." And the wife didn't say anything next to husband. As the doctor open and show that pregnancy strip test, ask the couple "Could you recognize the second line on the test kit?" Suddenly, the husband popped up and said " I knew it. I pray to God last night, and ask the priest. See! Look at my Line message. He told me so in this message." Compared with silence wife, husband looked to excited. They pray, pray a lot, pray sincerely. I could see their joy in their eyes. However, that's my first time and the only one to meet this joyful couple. And I kept the wife's name in my note.

In this electronic and internet generation, people could make friends without face-to-face. Reading all the medical record of this couple, it could tell why they come to Stork fertility center and how hard and serious they try to have the baby. After reading the paper of medical record, I think I become more familiar with them.

They began the treatment in Stork fertility center in 2015. After some examination, we are quite sure that tubal and uterus are no problem. However, due to their ages, they registered for oocyte donation program. we matched a young and appropriate donor soon, and we got total 12 mature eggs for this time. The donor gave us 19 mature eggs, and eight blastocysts derived. Two embryos were thawed, and they were graded as 4BB and 4BA. They would have started the first course of treatment, but due to the wife’s persistent bleeding, they decided to cancel after discussion with the doctor. They started the second treatment with transfer a 4BA embryo, but still haven't good news yet. 

However, due to the last embryo, the couple were worried about if they still don't have the good news with second transfer, they will spent more time to match another oocyte donor. So we spent a little time to have second match. Soon and later, we got 10 mature embryos. In the same time, second transfer have been finished, and they still don't get the result they want.
 We could tell how aggressive of this couple by read the schedule of treatment. And the third time transfer, also the final transfer with a best 4AB embryo. Now, they are about to have a baby, and finally almost graduate from this long journey. There are 15 lessons for entering examine room of training program. We could see people cry, people laugh with doctor's announcement in the room. They are the most excited couple I have ever seen with succeed result. From their talk, I know they are convinced Christians. They repeatedly said how hard they pray, and they believe that they will become the parents one day.

Faith, is all around the world. Seeing this couple even face some difficulties, but they haven't been defeated. I will share this story to my customers, and tell them "Faith means believing the unbelievable."

Stork fertility center hold the "Annual Stork Party" every year. The purpose of this dinner is to invite the parents bring their IVF baby by Stork. They could share the joy with doctor, and let we could how big babies are. Due to we see all these babies from egg to embryo, and now they are sweet babies. Also the parents could share some different life experience with baby. What's more, the party could remind us the original intention of work "Sweet baby, Sweet home".

Remember, please come back to our Annual Stork Party after you graduate from this long journey.

Faith, is all around the world. Seeing this couple even face some difficulties, but they haven't been defeated. I will share this story to my customers, and tell them "Faith means believing the unbelievable."

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