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An Unreachable Dream Comes True - Sperm Donation Program

Some people may spend a couple years to have their own child, and some may spend longer than even a decade to have one. However, for the latter group of people, having a child and to organize a family can seem to be an unreachable dream.

In 2014, I got a call from Jack, who spoke to me in depth and with vigor. He wanted to consult with me about a sperm donation program, and then he left his contact information. We started the sperm donation consultation. At that time, the consultation was a big challenge for me because I had just started working at Stork fertility center. I was really nervous to reply to Jack's email the first time, but his positive attitude always gave me motivation to answer more of his questions. After a couple of months talking through E-mail with Jack, I get to know about Jack, and he is a transsexual person. Within a traditional Asian culture, I couldn’t imagine how hard that would be. Jack still made this decision, and he wanted to build his own family now.

Jack and his wife, like any other couple, have enjoyed the world of two, but they wanted to have their own child. However, Jack worried that his identity (transsexual person) would be a problem to do the sperm donation program. After a lot of research and work, Jack got our information from online and he pumped up his courage to get in contact with us. He was on the way to start having his dream come true.

Eventually, Jack and his wife cam to Stork fertility center. I made a schedule that included the time for when they came to Taiwan, as well as when to start the BT (Blastocyst Transfer).

A couple months later, Jack and his wife came to Taiwan a second time. They told me that they quit their original jobs to make sure that they could focus on the treatment. This time, I could feel how strongly determined they were to have their own child. However, after the transvaginal ultrasound, the doctor didn’t see too many primary follicles (which later become an egg). Although finding this outcome is really frustrating for everyone, Jack and his wife pick up the pieces and carry on to the next treatment.

On the day that Jack’s wife had to do the OPU (Oocyte Pick Up), I can see how nervous Jack was from his face. Eventually Jack’s wife goes in for treatment. The surgery did not take too long, and everything is going very well. Jack and his wife move on to the next stage, Embryo Culture.

Two weeks after BT (Blastocyst Transfer), I check my E-mail frequently and from time to time, just wanting to see if there was any news coming from Jack. Heaven helps those who help themselves, and I finally heard news. Jack told me that his baby’s condition is good, and that he got a new job as well. In July 2016, Jack and his wife’s dream has come true. They have their own child, and their own family.

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