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To have a second child? Preimplantation genetic screening is a good choice

"Excuse me, my oocyte pick-up is done,
 but my husband is still doing the sperm collection. Please tell him that I got to go."

She left in a rush, and I forgot to ask her name.

The day was as hasty as usual, scheduling for retrieval operations and gynecologic examinations. Every consultant at the counter of assisted reproductive technology (ART) department was busy for works, and I was checking the patients' ID and consent forms. 

" Excuse me, my oocyte pick-up is done, but my husband is still doing the sperm collection. Please tell him that I got to go." A woman suddenly blocked my view by her hand and left the words. After looking up, I only saw her back, and just thought that I haven't had her name.

Luckily, her unique style impressed my colleagues deeply. It wasn't too difficult to find her name in our patients' list. It was a cute and childish name, which just reflected her personality.

Soon after, her husband finished the sperm collection and gave the sample to ART. He was a prudent man, checking the details of sample and procedure carefully. After understanding the following IVF programs, he gently appreciated the consultant and went to pay fees.

Five minutes later, I picked up an outside call,

"Hello, this is XX's husband. I still have some questions about the embryo culturing. Could I talk to the embryologist, please?" It was his gentle voice. I just wondered why he used the cell phone while still at the fertility center. I grabbed the couple's history notes, and then went to the waiting zone. He had several questions about our embryo culturing. After getting all the answers, he appreciated for the service again.

Finally, all the routines have been completed at the ART. I got some time to recheck this couple's records,

1st reproductive outcome:
OPU x2, MII x14, 2PN (fertilized embryo) x10, good blastocysts x4 > 1st cryotransfer > live birth in 2015

2nd reproductive outcome:
-Prepare to have a second baby (Note: The wife had a quarrel with her husband, since she did not want to take IVF again.)

OPU x2, MII x32, 2PN x24, good blastocysts x10, PGS x8 > aneuploid x5, euploid x3

According to the records, most of her embryos generated from the first IVF cycle this year were grading as BC based on the Gardners' criteria. Concerning the maternal age, the specialist recommended her to take preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) to examine the chromosome aneuploidy. By the note in the record, I understood why the wife just left her husband at the center alone. (Perhaps she thought that one child is enough. Perhaps she had bad memory about the treatment. Perhaps...)

On the day of cryotransfer, I saw her kid when I explained the embryo quality to her. He was a quite pretty boy. However, she was not concentrated on our talk,

"Well, the thawing embryo looks good? Uh huh~"

"What can I do for you? Aren't you ready for the second baby?" I felt quite worried for her, so I asked.

She looked at me deeply, and said in a low voice,

"You don't know. I don't want to be pregnant again. I don't want to be stuck."

"Being parents is tired sometimes. Your first boy looks very cute and strong. I believe that you are good at being a mother." I encouraged her.

"Ummm, one is enough." She still looked a little bit unhappy.

After the cryotransfer, she speeded away as usual, and left her husband to care about the post-transfer medications. Her husband gave me a big smile,

"She is much younger than me. I knew the importance of having siblings during childhood, but she may not get it. Still, I really appreciate her to undergo all the IVF programs. It's not easy."

"Please take care of her body. I hope that she could rest longer after the transfer, and wish you have another cutie."

Fortunately, the beta-HCG value was 9054 mIU/mL. The gentle husband took the prescription to the pharmacy with great joy, and came back to the ART to thank all the embryologists. And the wife was just at the counter to call a taxi.

Although the morphology of her embryos were only graded as BC (median), the PGS helped us to select the embryo with normal chromosome dosage to transfer, and thus increased the success rate. Her total euploid rate was 37.5% (3/8), and it could reflect her maternal age.

Each couple could encounter the similar dilemma about having child (or having a second child). Different thoughts could be from the experiences at our original families. Unceasingly communication and taking more time are the best solutions, and patience is the catalyst.

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