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ありがとう! Oocyte donation program helps me to have my baby.

I came to Taiwan with anxiety and stress caused by both the expectations and worries. There are language and cultural barriers between Taiwan and Japan. However, I brought my baby to cross the national boundaries, and finally took her home.

I am 44 years old, and has received infertility treatment for almost 10 years. In this year, no available oocytes could be retrieved after the ovarian stimulation. It seemed that this is the end to the journey. My Japanese doctor suggested me taking the oocyte-recipient program in Taiwan, which has not been legitimated officially in Japan. My husband rejected this suggestion in the very beginning, but I would like to take any chance to have our own babies. Finally, we came to the Stork Fertility Center in Hsinchu.

I didn't hear or visit this county before. We got on a train in Taipei, and took around one hour to the Hsinchu station. I showed a name card, which was written with the Chinese characters of Stork Fertility Center, to the taxi driver. Then we arrived to the pretty building (iArt) very soon.

Surprisingly, a Japanese-speaking consultant waited for us already. She arranged the appointment with the doctor and translated every detail about the recommendations. The doctor discussed the matching process of donor and recipient in Taiwan, and let us understand the related restrictions. Then he got into the explanations of embryo cryopreservation and transfer programs. We had these bountiful information back to Japan, and kept in touch with our special consultant. She taught me how to take the medications and to arrange the examinations prior to embryo transfer (hysterosapingography, hysteroscopy, and cervical culture).

Unfortunately, I didn't get pregnancy after the first cryotransfer with two embryos. With frustration and more stress, I came back again to transfer another two embryos. My Taiwanese doctor strengthened medication for luteal support according to my unstable endometrial status. This time, the pregnancy test displayed positive.

Due to miscarriage is common at my age (44 years), I felt nervous during the gestation. My special consultant always sent messages overseas to care me, and delivered the recommendations from my Taiwanese doctor. I really appreciated their encouragements.

To be an oocyte recipient is not easy in my mind. However, I am eager to be a mother, and this is the most important point.

Mature oocyte (MII)
Normal Fertilized zygote (2PN)
Available blastocyst
1st cryotransfer
2nd cryotransfer
D5 4BB+5BC
D5 4BC*2
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