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When can I meet my Mr. Right?

When can I have my own family?

When can I have my babies?

Except waiting for the one, what can I do now?

Egg Quality

A. Limited number of oocytes
As the acknowledged female reproduction system, no additional primary oocytes are created when the oogenesis is complete, before or shortly after birth. The amount of oocyte decreases with the increasing age. It is commonly believed that around 1,000,000 oocytes in each ovary, and around 500 oocytes would be released from menophania (first sign of the menses) to menopause (permanent cessation of the menses). The unreleased oocytes are degenerated in the follicular phase of each menstrual cycle.

B. The Chromosomal abnormalities increases with the age
The aneuploid rate (abnormal chromosome rate) increases with the age. It is 25% in the 30-year-old oocytes, however, it rises to 50~70% in the 40-year-old oocytes.

The Age of Ovaries

Ovarian function test - AMH value and FSH value
What is the real age of my ovaries?
AMH (ng/ul)
> 6
Age of the ovaries (y/o)
< 25
43 >

How about the efficiency of stimulation program based on my age?
AMH (ng/ul)
> 2
< 2
< 0.8
Reserved number of the oocytes
Obviously decrease
Severely decrease
Stimulated number of oocytes
Doctor' s suggestions
Start considering to freeze the oocytes based on my ovarian age
Start  Egg Freezing as soon as possible

How about the quality of the ovaries?
<  8
> 12
Ovarian function
Obviously decline
Severely decline
Notes: It is better to triplicate the hormone test to verify the values. If you did the ovarian surgery before or have endometriosis, the AMH and FSH values would be affected.

The antral follicle count (AFC) represents the generated follicle number of this cycle.

Stimulation Procedure

Evaluation: Ovarian function test, such as AMH, FSH, AFC...etc

Stimulation: Ovarian stimulation by recombinant hormone starts from day 3 of a cycle, and the used protocol is determined by the AFC and hormone baselines of this cycle.

Sonogram: Transvaginal ultrasound to monitor the growing follicle

Hormone: LH, oestrodial, progesterone to monitor the status of inner oocyte

Trigger: induce the oocyte maturation and subsequent ovulation

OPU: oocyte-pick-up surgery; it would take 10 to 15 mins depending on the follicle amount; it would take nearly 1.5 hours for post-operation recovery

Another cycle: the next menses would come after two weeks from OPU day.

Individualized Protocol - iCOS (individualized controlled ovarian stimulation)

The used protocol is determined by the AFC, hormone baselines, and ovarian function of this cycle.

AMH (ng/ul)
> 2
< 2
< 0.8
Stimulated number of oocytes
Stimulated protocol
Short protocol
Mild stimulation
Natural cycle

Freezing Technique

We use vitrification (fast-freezing) to cryopreserve the mature oocytes (MII oocyte).


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