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Accumulating oocytes or blastocyst for low responders? Age as a criterion

Accumulating Oocytes or Blastocysts for Low Responders? Age as a Criterion
AuthorShih-Chieh Huang, Huai-Ling Wang, Wen-Yi Jiang, Hsing-Hua Chou, Hsing-Hua Lai
EditorHsing-Hua Chou
Seminar name2012Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction
KeywordBlastocyst vitrification, oocyte vitrification, DOR
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Low responders (LRs) are mostly from diminished ovarian reserve and/or advanced maternal age. They may experience repeated IVF failure caused by few or no embryos to transfer. In this cohort, accumulating oocytes or blastocysts to obtain more embryos could be benefit in improving clinical pregnancy rate (CPR). Several studies have shown maternal age as a determining factor in IVF treatment. In this study, we compared IVF outcome between two groups with oocyte or blastocyst accumulation at different age levels.


The patient were divided into 3 groups according to their treatment procedures:


1.Comparison of fertilization, embryo development and clinical pregnancy rates between fresh and vitrified oocytes

2.Evaluation of age effect on oocyte or blastocyst accumulation


● For LR < 38 years old: accumulation of oocytes is recommended; by which CPR could be achieved and the cost is lower.
● For LR ≥ 38 years old: accumulation of blastocysts is recommended, because CPR could still be achieved through warmed BT whereas it is low in O-D3ET.
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