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LGBTQ Family- Egg Freezing for Lesbian

In the early days, Taiwan wasn’t open to the idea of ​​forming LGBT families, so same-married families did not have any expectations for having babies. However, in recent years, more and more LGBT friends have gone overseas to seek children and share their successful experiences, which has triggered more friends to consider "freezing eggs" so that they can retain the eggs for the future.

Y is a successful woman. Because she likes girls, she never thought about having children in the future. Until she met her girlfriend C, the two knew each other and loved each other. Before the passage of the Taiwan Same Marriage Law, they had decided to go hand in hand for the rest of life, and gave birth to their children.

Helplessly, Taiwan’s Artificial Reproduction Law has not yet opened LGBT families or single friends to borrow sperm, so they decided to complete this difficult task. They frozen eggs in Taiwan and exported them to foreign countries for sperm borrowing, and they tried to get pregnant together.

However, things didn't go through well. They thought that freezing eggs in Taiwan could be done very quickly, but when they came to the Stork, they were both over 40 years old. Not only the ovarian inventory has declined, but the egg quality has also declined. Not as expected. In order to increase the probability of obtaining a good blastocyst after export, they decided to collect more than 30 eggs each. After discussing with the doctor, they have done the operation of egg retrieval more than 5 times.

After a couple months of treatment for egg collection, and applying for permission from the two governments to export eggs, not only the time is lengthy and the procedures are cumbersome, but also the risk of damage to the eggs during the export process. Fortunately, C finally successfully got pregnant with a baby implanted overseas; while Y started the treatment late and is still in the process of exporting.

Treatment of Y & C






Operation of Egg Retrieval

10 times

DOPU*5 times

6 times

Freezing mature eggs





Successfully Gave Birth

After reading their story, we can't help thinking, if the bill of marriage can pass earlier, or if they can freeze their eggs at an earlier time, can their result be a little different? The surrogacy bill passed on first reading in Taiwan! We believe that the introduction of Artificial Reproduction Law to LGBT families should be close too. But time and eggs are not waiting for others, should we freeze younger and healthier eggs first?

Procedure of Egg Freezing

Eggs can be frozen for 10 years in Taiwan, and extension can be applied for if necessary.

After the eggs are frozen, they will be pregnant after the subsequent passage of relevant regulations in Taiwan.

We assist LGBTQ families to have their own children.

If a Lesbian couple wants to become pregnant, they need to be accompanied by a "sperm recipient" treatment. When you find an overseas reproductive center that can perform the treatment, we can provide you and your partner with relevant assessments, examinations, and medications to help you master the best time for treatment.

At present, the relevant laws and regulations in Taiwan allow the removal of your own germ cells outside of Taiwan. We can assist you to complete the egg retrieval operation in Taiwan and then transfer the eggs to the selected center for subsequent treatment.


Lesbian couples can have two childbearing options after they have finished sperm recipient program, both of which are currently only available at overseas reproductive centers:


Artificial insemination (IUI):

IUI is the use of a syringe and a thin tube through the cervix during ovulation to inject sperm into your or your partner's uterus.

In Vitro Fertilization(IVF):

The eggs are provided by you or your partner, and the blastocyst is formed through IVF, and then replanted into your or partner's body to achieve the purpose of pregnancy.

If subsequent artificial reproduction laws are open to Lesbian couples, please refer to the following procedures for sperm recipient in Taiwan.

Procedure of Sperm Recipient

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