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The procedure of sperm donating IVF

Step 1. Paper Work
For registration of IVF related treatments (e.g. autologous IVF, oocyte-donating, sperm-donating ...) in Taiwan, the Department of Health Promotion Administration
required paper works as follows,

a. Two forms of picture IDs (Your passport must be necessary)
b. Certificate of Marriage which must be certified by Overseas Office of Republic of  China, Taiwan
c. Agreements of IVF/Oocyte Recipient/Sperm Recipient programs

(Notes: If you are taking an sperm donating cycle, both agreements for IVF treatment and sperm recipient are required.)

Step 2. Examinations
Before starting the main treatments, several checkup exams must be done to confirm the uterine condition and male factors. They are listed as follows, (You can provide the clinical reports at your local hospitals, or just take the exams when you visit Stork Fertility Center. )

a. Sperm Analysis
b. Hormone tests (AMH, TSH, PRL, FreeT4 ...)
c. Hysteroscopy (The clinical report within half year is more recommended.)
d. Hysterosalpingography (The clinical report within half year is more recommended.)
e. Cervical culture (Chlamydia DNA test and HPV test are also recommended.)
f. Sperm Cryopreservation: If your spouse cannot visit us on the oocyte retrieval date, it is better to preserve his sperm sample in advanced.
g. Bring the prescribed medicines

(Notes: You may spend two to three days staying in Taiwan to complete the exams and required documents. For this visitation, it's necessary for both you and your husband.)

The procedure of undergoing sperm donating IVF is as follows,

If you choose the frozen blastocyst transfer, the procedure is as follows,

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