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Traps from delicious foods? Eat right and have better sperm

Do you like wearing a tight pants or putting your laptop on your thighs? These habits may affect the quality of your sperm. Besides, five types of drinks/foods may harm your reproductive system. Let’s check and keep in mind!

According to <<Epicurious>>, if the quality of your sperm is not good, it may affect your family plan. To maintain the good quality of sperm, the uptakes of following drinks/foods must be controlled.

 1. Alcohol
Alcohols dehydrates the water in our bodies, and increases the risk of obesity, and reduces the mobility of sperms. We suggest not drinking alcohol more than once per week, and therefore the bodies can metabolize the alcohol. But if you have severe reproductive problem, it is better to quit alcohol.

2. Processed meat products
Bacon, ham and burger are delicious, but these processed meat products usually contain high proportion of saturated fat and hormone residues, which harm the quality of sperm. If you like meat, have the “fresh” one.

3. Sweet Drinks
Bubble milk tea or other sweet drinks contain high proportion of sugar stimulating pancreas to release more insulin, and they increases the risk of obesity. Sweet drinks reduce both the quantity and quality of sperm. It’s better for us to drink water.

4. High-fat dairy products
Milk, cheese and other dairy products can provide protein, calcium and other nutrients. But the high fat contained in these products may harm male’s reproductive system. Also, pesticide or hormone residues should be concerned in some dairy products.

5. Fruits with pesticide residues
Some of the fruits or vegetables may have pesticide residues, especially apples, grapes, strawberries, spinach, cucumbers, etc. We suggest choosing organic fruits and vegetables to decrease the risk.

Stay away from bad habits and unhealthy foods/drinks. Get your sperm good! 

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