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Hesitate no more, Freeze you future now!

What would you do if you come upon a huge fortune? It is easy to plan how to spend. But what if we are forced to take leave from work for two whole a month with no salary? That is a conundrum. 

2019, like the virus, spreads all over the world, countries locking down one by one. The world seems to be frozen. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the aviation industry. With this much free time, what do you want to do the most? 

On the morning of 6th March 2020, 3 special patients came into the Doctor’s room. They were besties and visited Stork Fertility Center looking for egg freeze. One of them is a flight attendant, another is a pilot! Wow! At such a young age, so impressive. 
 I always ask egg-freezing patients three questions,” How do you know us?”, “Why do you want to do egg freeze?” How many babies would you plan to have?” These questions helped me to understand the motive and purpose of the patients. And during the talk, I realized one of the patients are friends with our employee. And she gets into the aviation industry from the medical industry after 4-5 years of strict pilot training. She wanted to focus on her career in the next few years before starting her own family. Freeze your eggs first, so that in the future, you can borrow eggs form yourself! What an awesome idea! 

To save more time for them, we arranged a blood test “AMH” right the way, the results came in 45mins after. Surprisingly, even they were at the same age, their AMH result is distinct. One is 5.6ng/mL, one is 3.3ng/mL, and the other didn’t take the test, so we didn’t know the result. AMH is an irreversible index, the best way the face it is to accept the fact. And try to find a way to preserve our fertility.

With AMH data, we can design a precise treatment for the patient. Most of the patients answered the question ambiguously to the question of the birth plan. One, or maybe two. My suggestion is two so that you won’t regret it. The quantity of ovum is revealed by the AMH, but the quality, at this age, how many eggs do you need to take a baby home with IVF treatment. At this very moment, I use another question to answer their question. “Do you know the name of our Taipei branch?” Sadly, not many of them can give the right answer. Taipei branch is named Stork 11 Fertility Center. Indicated that for women under age 35, freeze 11 mature eggs, we promise 90% chances are going home with a healthy baby. 

Then comes with the question:” How many can I have at each surgery? How many surgeries do I need to have 2 babies?” We’ve been performing precise medication treatment for the last decade. Let the data speak, patients with AMH 5.6ng/mL can retrieve over 20 eggs at a time. 22 mature eggs are the goal for 2 babies, so the patient can finish the egg freezing with one retrieval surgery. As for the second patient, with AMH 3.3ng/mL, each retrieval can obtain 15-20 eggs. We might need two surgery, or one if we increase the dosage of the injections. The last patient didn’t test for AMH, there are 10% chances that her AMH is below 2ng/mL. She might need multiple egg retrieval surgery or IVF with donated oocytes to form a family if she didn’t plan for her future now.      

Patients worry about returning to the clinic frequently, perform injections every day, and the fee… Their AMH are both above 2ng/mL, I showed them the unique NS( no-ultrasound) treatment at Stork. With only 5-6 injections throughout the treatment, and 1-2 return visit. It is more convenient compared to traditional IVF treatments.
They are both in the aviation industry, can they work after the treatment starts? When can they get back to work after the surgery? I suggested no flying at around cycle day 8, as at that time the follicles in the ovary are growing. Which will lead to bloating to a certain extent. And some will experience nausea due to the increase of hormone. Menstruation will come a week after the surgery. By that time, the patient is fully recovered, so going back to work is not a problem at all.  

To maximize the value of each egg, I make sure that they were reminded to go with IVF3.0+ when they thaw eggs in the future. To achieve the highest pregnancy rate.

Can we control our future? The answer is positive! With the pandemic spreading, we can make our spare time meaningful. Most of us might be watching Netflix at home during vacation. But some of us are actively planning for their future. 
After reading their story, you can borrow from them, you can have a hold of your future.  With two “A”, age and AMH, and refer to the form below. Hesitate no more, Just do it! 
(Stork Lai 200316)

Dr. Hsin-Hwa Lai, MD

1. Comparison with age and AMH : AMH reflects the amount of ovarian storage.


25 or below




43 or above








Age liesFor women under 30, up to 8% are with AMH<2.5ng/mL

2.Number of oocytes that you need for 1 baby with IVF at different age:





No. of mature egg





Statistics From Stork Fertility Center

3. Inspiration : Age can not 100% imply your ovarian storage. Those two in the story are higher than average. But there are many that a lot lower than average. For women over 30, I suggest that monitor AMH result annually.

Grab your future, Now! 
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