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ERA program (ERA procedures)

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IGENOMIX, a leading team of reproductive genetics in Spain, has developed ERA to analyze the gene expression of endometrial tissue. This method helps us determine if the endometrium presents the ideal condition for implantation of embryo (WOI, window of implantation), and thus pregnancy rate would be improved.

Indications for ERA at Stork Fertility Center

Repeated implantation failure after undergoing hysterosalpingogram, hysteroscopy and autoimmune examinations

Repeated pregnancy failure after transferring four Day 5 blastocysts graded above BB

Repeated implantation failure after transferring two euploid blastocysts with PGS

ERA cycle design:

The medications of ERA cycle are different based on the doctors' order. It could be either hormone replacement treatment (HRT) or natural cycle. The HRT is recommended by IGENOMIX, since the time span of priming could be more accurate.

ERA procedure:

ERA performance: (provided by IGENOMIX):

In 10,000 enrolled patients with repeated implantation failure, around 28.6% displayed non-receptive of their ERA assay in a conventional endometrium preparation cycle. In these non-receptive patients, around 85% showed delayed WOI (pre-receptive pattern). 

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