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Women with advanced age are rejected to cryopreserve their eggs in Mainland China.

In 2014, Apple and Facebook, US, offered to cover their female labor's for freezing eggs to help them focus on their career performances without worrying about the fertility issues.

After the news released, many female labors in Shanghai were stirred up. Lots of fertility centers at the local hospitals received the inquiries about "fertility preservation at the egg banks." quite often. However, the local fertility specialists reminded these excited females that the Chinese government still does not allow doing egg cryopreservation to the healthy women yet.

" Dr.X, would I freeze my eggs?" Miss Wang was already 32 years, and she was working for an art gallery. She visited an outpatient department of fertility center to consult about egg cryopreservation, since she had no romantic relationships in her busy life. In addition, she really hoped that she could focus on both art creation and finding her Mr. right in the future. With no clinical reports to prove the necessity of egg freezing, she was rejected by the fertility specialist immediately.

According to the Prof. Sun, an expert in the reproductive realm, the cases consulting for egg freezing were mainly females with age of 30 to 35 years, working in the big cities. They were well-educated and have ploughed on with the busy works to accumulate remarkable property for several years. Moreover, they were still waiting for the person to realize the dream of becoming a wife and a mother. The technique of egg freezing seems very promising and attractive.

"Out center only provides this service to two kinds of female cases. One is those who have oncologic issues and must cryopreserve their fertility before getting treatments. Another one is the IVF cases whose husbands could not provide their sperm samples on the oocyte retrieval date." Prof. Sun said.

What do we need to know,

a. Oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) is the former step of conventional IVF program, from controlled ovarian stimulation to oocyte vitrification.

b. Since the social structure changes dramatically, more female labors face the dilemma of focusing on their career lives or personal lives, so more countries have released this service to the women with this necessity, namely the cases with social-oocyte-freezing (SOF).

c. Taiwanese Reproductive Act does allow the SOF cases to do egg freezing at the local fertility centers.

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