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Traveling Overseas - Brazil

Married and trying to get pregnant for the past four years, our Brazilian client is a typical 30-year old Chinese beauty with her fair, porcelain complexion – a sharp contrast to her Latin American husband’s Western looks and golden skin.

They arrived at e-Stork Reproductive Center with the complete documentation of all medical examinations they have conducted so far. Reviewing their results, I believed there is an abnormality with the husband’s sperm quality as each c.c. contains 10 million counts of white blood cells. The presence of such a high quantity of white blood cells would affect DNA and counter the benefits of using assisted reproduction techniques. Seeking a solution to their problem, they made the long journey from one end of the globe to another.

After four trials, she conceived twins out of the 4 embryos transferred. From the start of the treatment until its success, the couple stayed in Taiwan for a total of almost 3 months and 4 days. At first, 97 days may seem to be a long period of time spent waiting, but in exchange for the successful conception of twin babies, I’m sure we can all agree that this was time well spent. My last consultation with her was on February 4, 2006 when she was 8 weeks pregnant. After half a year from that date, we received her call from Brazil of the birth of her twins – the baby girl weighed 2680 grams and her baby brother, 2610grams.

For the past two years, our Brazilian client regularly visited our clinic with her two kids for annual check-ups. Last year, her family of three became a family of five with the birth of her adorable and active twins.

Noticing the vast changes from their previous serious demeanors to the contented smiles always working its way around their lips nowadays, I wondered what people regard as life’s top priorities – money, life partner, car, house or children. In one of our morning sessions, I brought up this question to my staff, and found several interesting opinions. Those who are married with children prioritized money but those who are single prioritized marriage and having children. Taking a majority vote, almost everyone voted for family – wife/husband and kids - as the most important aspect of life. In the frantic pace of today’s society, it is heartening to know that the value of family still rates above money or material possessions.

Looking at our happy Brazilian family of 5, who can possibly dispute that family really is the single most important thing in life?
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